IL Named Finalist In "Race To The Top" Round Two

ScreenHunter_20 Jul. 27 12.27 The finalists for round two of Obama’s Race To The Top initiative have just been named, and they are:  AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY, LA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC via WSJ, PK12, etc.

If Illinois can be in the mix, then who can’t really?

White House Names Race to the Top Finalists WSJ

will make formal, in-person presentations before a judging panel in
August. Winners will be named in September, and Mr. Duncan said he
expects to pick 10 to 15.”


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  • New Yorker (or is it Jersey?) Alexander gets snarky: "If Illinois can be in the mix, then who can't really?"

    Well if you take out the two states who didn't apply (Alaska and Texas) and the two states who "won" the first round (Delaware and Tennessee), then you are left with 46 states. There are 19 in this batch. So that leaves 27 states (more than half) that "can't really" be in the mix.

    Granted, with the POTUS and the Ed Sec'y both hailing from Chicago, Illinois seems a shoe-in via nepotism, but it really has jumped through all the hoops to "win" this competitive federal grant money. See today's Trib for a summary of what the state has done.,0,7844624.story


    Illinois Selected as Round Two Finalist in the Federal Race to the Top Competition

    Statement by Robin Steans, Executive Director, Advance Illinois

    Chicago, IL-July 27 2010-

  • Sotomayer and Kagan play B-ball with Obama?

    Or are you confusing a single anecdote with more than a thousand presidential appointments?

  • Can you talk a little bit about the "irresponsible hiring behaviors" you mention? The new Union leadership is accepting applications for employment up through this Friday, July 30 and have pledged to hire the most qualified person for the job. So, I'm not sure I understand your complaint. Please elaborate.

  • 1. You may notify the CTU of your intent to be a non-member. You will still be required to pay dues based on your Agency Fee status because the CTU is still your legally defined collective bargaining unit.

    2. There are many non-union charter and private schools available to you.

    3. I agree George Schmidt can have an overbearing personality at times, but he also is extremely well informed and knowledgeable on certain issues. His newspaper is neither here nor there - read it or don't. I don't.

  • I assume anonymous meant to say George was hired by the CTU. I discussed with him briefly his consulting role at the CTU, he seems to be qualified for what the CTU leadership has asked him to do. The CTU has a very complex task in front of it in relation to examining the CPS budget, George has a vast archive of CPS budgets probably more than the current Board has and this information I think will be very useful to the union. I have often turned to George for documentation in relation to Access Living's yearly budget rewiew.

    Rod Estvan

  • not to worry about the budget cuts for PD in the dummy budget, says SSNS's jim broadway -- all will be well if and when IL gets a RTTT grant:

    Will pretend budget weaken RTTT grant hopes?
    By Jim Broadway, Publisher, State School News Service

    A reader who connected the dots asked: Since Illinois

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