At Least They Didn't Put Him On The Board Of Ed


Everyone on this blog loves to hate Juan Rangel, for reasons apparent and mysterious.  But that didn’t stop the City Council from approving Rangel’s appointment to the Park District:  Latino leader appointed to Chicago Park District board Clout Street:  Aldermen today approved the appointment of
a Latino leader to the Chicago Park District, another sign of the
rising influence of the United Neighborhood Organization in city
government. UNO chief tapped for park board despite criticism Tribune:  The
City Council on Wednesday approved Mayor Daley’s appointment of United
Neighborhood Organization chief Juan Rangel to the Chicago Park
District board, but not before a racially-charged debate pitting
African Americans against Hispanics. Hey, at least he’s not getting appointed to the Board of Education


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  • I wish someone would verify this, but there is a rumor out there that suggests that Rangel does not even reside in Chicago, but in Berwyn. (Although it appears that he could own property in Chicago but not reside there.) Anyone with any knowledge of this from UNO?

  • My experience with UNO schools are that parents like the hard discipline, until it is their child who is tossed out. Then they go on and on about how this or that student got a break and their child did not. I do not recommend UNO schools to any parents who have children with emotional behavior disorders.

    Moreover, I have very significant reservations about a citywide charter school network which according to ISBE is 90.9% Hispanic in a school district that in 2009 was 41.2% Hispanic. I could understand a stand alone charter located in one community being so heavily Hispanic, but a citywide charter network should be reflective of the public school population of the school district.

    While Mr Rangel often pontificates on Hispanic empowerment it would appear UNO charter schools are promoting racial isolation. If UNO is so good why are so few African American children benefiting from it? We know why in 2009 only 50 white students were enrolled in the UNO network, middle class white families have very little interest in the curriculum being presented by UNO. It is not precived to be a fast track to Payton Prep, if it was we would see a lot more white student enrolling. We whites are after all if nothing all about seeking advantage for our own children, and given the enrollment levels of whites in CPS's best high schools we appear to actually be rather good at getting these advantages.

    Now can Mr. Rangel represent the interests of the Hispanic community on the Park District Board, I suppose given the character of race based politics in Chicago he can. After all, the late Mr Scott was President of the Park District Board and that body has still not discussed whether while serving in that role he took advantage of any expense account he may have had there like he did while CPS Board President. Really Chicago is in many ways more of a mess than was apartheid Johannesburg, Mr. Rangel is unfortunately part of this racial mess called Chicago. By the way in one way or another, knowingly or not, most all of us including me are part of this mess.

    Rod Estvan

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