AM News: Turnarounds Take Lunch, Security Staff

Are Lunch Ladies Part of Recipe for Good Schools? WBEZ:   Is
it necessary to remove lunch ladies, janitors, and security guards to
create better schools?…


Students experiment with a career in science
Tribune:  Sherin
Randall-London should have a memorable project for the science fair  after spending her summer in a lab at
Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center of Northwestern University’s medical
school… Walgreens clinics offer 40% off back-to-school physicals Sun Times:  Take Care Health
Systems is offering back-to-school physicals at Take Care Clinics
nationwide for $35 — more than 40 percent off the usual price…Study: Students take what Google gives Give
college students an assignment, and the first thing many will do is to
Google the subject, according to a Northwestern University study that
offers this suggestion… Illinois to Cut Writing Portion from Standardized Tests
WBEZ:  Standardized tests for elementary- and middle-schoolers in Illinois are getting shorter.

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  • Love your blog, read it every day, at least twice :)

    Saw the 50K contest thing, and thought I'd give this a shot:

    Waters Elementary, a school with a prototype Ecology Program of 20 years, that is becoming a model for greening schools with its composting lunch waste, field ecology program, ewaste program and recycling program, is hanging onto #9 (top 10 win) in the Pepsi Contest.

    This decades old ecology program will never make it without grant funding. Pepsi has the cash. We just have to jump through their hoops to get it.

    3 more days - three more chances to enter as many votes as humanly possible.

    PLEASE TEXT 100210 to Pepsi (73774)
    (this is new, please do it if you can, from any cell phone that you or your friends have.)


    If you want to read about Waters Ecology Program:

    Would LOVE It if you could post this, but I know it's kind of a gray area if this is appropro or not.

    Thanks for considering,
    Parent-Teacher Co-Op President
    Waters Elementary School

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