Video: Be Careful What You Wish For

A teacher goes to sleep complaining about his union dues and wakes up in a world where there are no unions anymore.  He’s entered….The School Zone:


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  • Cute piece

    Take note: charter schools

  • Interesting video...obviously made by some large teachers union.

    However, in flip side to this video is the reality we are facing now. I bring you the world with teachers unions:

    #1) The larger the government, the larger the Unemployment rate. See:

    #2) Chicago has the highest sales tax in the nation to pay for all of this bloated government. See:

    #3) GIANT DEBT WE CAN"T PAY FOR. The Teachers Retirement System of Illinois has unfunded liabilities of $60 Billion.


    This $60 billion unfunded liability is just for the Illinois Teacher Retirement system. One Retirement administration org for only on e group of public unions. Obviously the state has many more public sector unions.

    Before anyone attacks any of my comments, I am not against paying for government employees. We need them. However, we have to do it smartly. Right now, we have created a compensation plan where we have and are overpaying and overspent on public sector employee compensation. What happens when anyone overspends beyond their means. Financial turmoil. That is what is happening right now in the city and state.

  • You make a generalization , "too many of them are dead weight", that needs proof. How did you come to this "fact" ? How many per school are poor teachers? How many per school have gone thru remediation? How many per school get show a lack of student progress year after year? STOP with the generalizations - we need to deal in real numbers and facts.

  • It's not on the list because there is already a simple, mutually agreed upon process in place to do just that.

    And you're right, CPS administration is not an efficient and effective organization. But that has nothing to do with tenure and the misconceptions about it that are so ubiquitous.

  • No one here has expressed any opposition to the layoff of unsatisfactory teachers. The only question at hand is this: should it be done according to the mutually agreed upon process? The answer, of course, is yes.

    Oh, and since you brought it up, I'm a National Board Certified Teacher with a master's degree from an elite university that has always received Superior ratings in this district and the others in which I have worked.

    If union dues stick in your craw you might consider employment at one of the dozens of non-union charter schools or private catholic schools.

  • Huh?

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