Issues Raised At Washington High School (Again)


Here’s another email expressing concerns about Washington High.  What’s going on over there, and if it’s something bad what’s it going to take to get it cleaned up?

From a reader:  “I am in a desperate situation and feel very helpless as to what I can do to try and make a change at this school. I do not attend the school, but I have a parent
that works at this school and this principle along with her cronies are making my families life a living hell…I’m not sure who I am supposed to contact to complain or
to report Florence Gonzalez and her mistreatment of employees and also the extent of favoritism which she constantly displays on a daily basis. All I have are the stories that we have to hear every single day about this woman abuses her power to cater to her favorites and ruin the lives of those she wants to get rid of.

I will end this email here because I am not sure who I should be writing to or contacting about this issue…but i figure if you guys wrote the article than you may hopefully lead me in the right direction. I dont get why this school and this lady got so much media attention for such a short time span and now its basically been forgotten..the things this woman does to ruin peoples lives is still going on and people need to know.”

As many of you will recall, this isn’t a new issue.  Here’s the 2008 blog entry about Washington (including 200+ comments from readers).

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  • This story reminds me of Principal Phyliss Hammond, Tilden High School.

  • Concernedaboutcps, you sound like an extremely unhappy, overweight, out of shape, failed counselor who is bitter and angry because your ride on the SL gravy train came to an abrupt stop. You might also be angry because you can't waddle up to the trough anymore. You say you fight for union teachers but yet you try to create a situation where union brethren jobs are at risk? Shame on you! You say that funds are being misappropriated and do not have any real proof although, you claim that all your findings have been sent to the proper authorities. Then you shrug off the fact that money was missing when an audit was completed in 2008. You are a fraud and have always been one. You are not a true educator and have for sure not shown any dedication to your students or the school community unless there was pay or food attached to it.

    As for Washington High School it is thriving now, the building is calm and teaching and learning occur. Maybe in your classroom chaos reigns and successes are not achieved but that is a reflection of your substandard quality. It is amazing that people who are so unhappy with their jobs continue to stay at them. If the school is so bad go to another, there are 600 in the system. I am sure your 73 expertise could be used somewhere but, yeah we understand you know things are good at Washington and getting better. So why would you want to leave? Quit complaining about nothing or just go away.

    No matter how much you try to hurt and hinder people and Washington H.S, your hubby is a failure and you will always be the sole provider for your family because he cannot be it lack of skills, intelligence or impairment but that will always be your life burden..........

  • Concerned, I don't kow you or anyone at your school, but I think what you are doing is sneaky and underhanded. You are a coward who hides behind riteous talk and middle school snitching. Since you are so willing to put everyone elses info out there why don't you start by putting your name out there so that the CTU can see what snakes they have in the den. Remember you are here to facilitate learning and to provide the best possible exposure to students not to be a spy and snitch for cps. You do not have any respect for the union or what it stands for people like myself made many sacrifices to protect many teachers for future generations but the ungreatful like yourself have weakened the CTU because of your I spy games. You are a pathetic coward and until you put your own name out there stop hurting membership. Remember that "Insult to one is and injury to all" but I don't expect that you would honor this since you are hiding behind your clever "pen name"

  • I am not sure what my husband and I have done to East Sider to receive the type of name calling and abuse that has been thrown our way. What I do know is that until now I have never posted on this site because the information that is being posted on here is nothing new. The rumors about funds being mismanaged and people living outside the city have been going on as long as I have been at the school. I personally don't care where people live.

    I am not bitter or upset about anything this year. I filed my grievances and have accepted the results. As for my husband, he has followed the proper channels with his union and taken his case further. Whatever your issue is with Washington and whichever side you are on, keep me and my family out of it.

    East Sider, if you want to address your issues with me directly, please do so. But don't hide who you are when you do it. Own your words as I just have.

  • I too do not know you or anyone at Washington High. If your beef is with the principal why would you attack rank and file members? It is not your place to enforce CPS policy or even inform any CPS authorities about which policies your colleagues are not following. It is obvious that your problem with administration and the change of it has more personal roots than you assert, much like the goings on that many of us veterans faced at Clemente High in the 1990's when a corrupt administration was removed and after the feds conducted an intense investigation, large sums of money had been misappropriated. Those who were close to the situation (had the most to lose such as freed up positions or extra money) lashed out at fellow colleagues and began the "snitch game".

    I agree with United We Stand when they say to reveal who you are. The Chicago Teachers Union has no room for people like you. As you can see in our last election membership spoke loud and clear saying that antics such as turning on fellow members in for infractions to CPS policy would not be tolerated. Dr. Lynch took on Ms. Stewart and her CPS partners in Federal Court to stop this type of assault against members and I thought that after our June 11th decision we were saying "NO" to these practices. You see with people like you our union becomes weaker and weaker and before you know it will cease to exist. Many of us older CTU members worked too hard, walked too many lines and made way too many sacrifices to let this happen. Instead of chipping away at current members who you are

  • In reply to solidarity:

    Solidarity, In regards to the union busting tactics of concerned about cps and company, I have notified several contacts who are conducting an unofficial investigation at this time. So far, it is known that the two individuals who are participating in this assault against the union have successfuly been identified through these investigative efforts.

    The one individual had been witnessed earlier this year copying license plate numbers off of teachers cars. The other indivdual holds themself in high regard, both are in the same department at the school and niether have regard for what the union stands for. When our finding are confirmed we can then take the official route with CTU. I agree, these are practices that were utilized by the previous CTU regime and should not be used or tolerated today.

    CTU has no use for "scabs, "union busters", "stoolies" or "strikebreakers". Just like we ostricized those types back in the 70's and 80's we should do the same to them. Let it be known who they are to all of the union brothers and sisters so whoever encounters them will know they "dirty rotten stoolies" who should never be trusted. I see that concerned about cps is is truly concerned about cps along with being a coward since they cannot comeout and give their name. Well the important thing here is that the union will know who you are soon. My experiences give me the suspicion that the individuals are operatives for some private cps partner a practice that has been common in many schools thatbecame victims to corporate style education.

    In Unity

  • In reply to solidarity:

    Is Florence Gonzales sick or is she suspended?

  • Hey there concerned looks like you forgot about that one Hispanic female A.P. English teacher who claims to live in Hegwisch and does not. She lives in Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr.Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. Steger on Oakland Dr. maybe you can deliver this info to the proper authorities but wait I think it has already been since they have been following her home; first on weekends and now more often. Why did you put the Maali's name out there? they never did anything to you or wait did they? Weren't the Maali's part of the corruption, stealing and cheating from years gone by? I thought there had been some question about whether the Maali's, who at one time had 3 family members working in the school were given overtime for crowd control at games or something like that, the facts kind of escape me now but there was something about those Maali's , Maali's Maali's that was brought into question a few years ago. Residency is a terrible violation and I hope all of you rats get caught! Stealing whether it is lying about an address or sucking off the teets of the public cow for services not rendered you are all liars and cheats who only self promote. What a bunch of losers!! Why don't you all just leave the building forever so those of us who want to work and teach can. Go play your little games elsewhere, there are so many of us who are tired of this B.S. I wish all of you would just go to another school, it was suggested earlier, take that person up on there suggestion.

  • In reply to rightingthewrong:

    So now I am being attacked by rightingthewrong. I can tell you that if there was any investigation into overtime given to John to do security at games and after school activites, we were never aware of that. Overtime was offered to security in order of seniority; the other security either refused or were already working an after-school program. It is the same overtime now being offered to other security.

    I cannot see what having relatives in the building has to do with anything. There are staff there now with 3 family members working. Who cares as long as the jobs are being done? The pettiness that is being thrown around on this site is only serving to further divide the staff.

    All of this information has been thrown around for years. Why now is it such an important topic and why am I being dragged into it when it is not my fight? As most people know, if I have an issue or concern, I don't hesitate to put my name it. I stand behind what I say and do 100%.

    Again, I invite any of you who have a so called issue with me or my family to leave your name or speak to me in person otherwise, leave us alone.

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