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There’s a big walk for peace on the Southwest Side on Saturday morning (see email below).  Then a week from Monday begins a new-sounding anti-violence initiative being sponsored by City Hall and CPS:  Chicago schools, churches team up for ‘Safe Haven’ summer program.  Will it be enough to prevent Chicago from being extra violent this summer?  I hope so.  Know any more violence prevention efforts or programs that others might want to know about?  Let us know.  

Parents and Family Members of Murdered Children

Walk for Peace on Southwest Side Saturday

CHICAGO, 24, 2010 – On Saturday morning, June 26, 80 parents and families of murdered children and their supporters will walk for peace on the Southwest Side, in a walk sponsored by the Julius Lee Birdine Foundation. Julius Lee Birdine was a young father who was killed by three gunshots while sitting in front of his home at 7805 South Ada, where the walk will begin. at 10 a.m. on Saturday June 26.


The March for Peace follows a weekend in which 54 men, women, and children were wounded and ten killed.


Sister Joyce Hunter, head of the foundation and Julius Lee Burdine’s mother, said that their goal was to “build a network of comfort and support for the mothers of children who die through violence or illness.”


“After the funeral is over, people stop calling and coming over,” Sister Joyce says. “Mothers need support from others for many years.  And there is no one better to give this support than mothers who have gone through the same experience.  Right now, we hold regular meetings where mothers like me come together.  Our long-term goal is to create a permanent meeting place where people can come together.”


Mothers of murdered children leading the walk will carry a banner with their children’s names on it.  A leader of the march will be Tio Hardiman, Director of CeaseFire Illinois.


Peace walkers will begin the walk at 7805 South Ada, where Julius Lee Birdine was murdered.  They will walk through the neighborhood, concluding with a ceremony at which mothers who have lost their children to violence release helium balloons in their memory.  Then, the group will pray for peace.


The foundation’s support group for mothers of murdered children meets once a month at the Thurgood Marshall Library, 7506 South Racine. Call Sister Joyce for more details.


Donations to the Julius Lee Birdine Foundation can be sent to 5950 South  Fairfield Avenue. Chicago, IL 60629.

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