AM News: Uncertain Impact Of TIF Misspending Audit


Watchdog report criticizes city oversight of special taxing districts Clout St:  City Hall mishandled millions of dollars in
property tax money in two special taxing districts in recent years, and
oversight is not strong enough to prevent it from happening again,
Chicago’s top watchdog… City misspent TIF funds
Yahoo News:  Chicago
taxpayers lost $1.2 million in funds generated by the now-defunct
Central Loop tax-increment-financing district — and spent $329,000 for
ineligible art work… Chicago teachers get a lesson in history, culture
Yahoo News:  This
is what Keyonna Lowe-Williams plans to tell her fifth-grade class at
Kershaw Magnet Elementary School in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood
this fall… New teachers to lose their mentors
Chicago Public Schools officials recently laid off dozens of
coaches who were paired with new teachers to help keep teachers from
leaving the district…

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  • The "coordinators" are really patronage positions, and I'm sure they knew how tenuous their jobs were. But "blood bath?"

    The clerical workers belong to some type of union themselves. OTEG, is it? These are the people who actually know how to run the office, and it would be very unwise to get rid of them en masse.

    My hope is that the new team is smart enough to observe the staff long enough to know who is an asset to the organization and who isn't before making wholesale change. It's unlikely any of the problems the Union is facing originated with the clerical staff.

    The field reps also belong to a Union (Teamsters) and have another year on their contract.

    Of course, both Colleen Dykas and Molly Carroll retired. Did Marilyn hire their replacements before going out the door, or did she leave that to the new regime?

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