AM News: High Charter Grad Rates


Good Data for Charters, but
Some Urge Caution
CNC:  Charter schools financed by the Renaissance Schools
Fund graduated their first high school classes this spring, and their
college enrollment figures are high… Low-Achieving New York Schools to Test New Rules NYT:  Eleven of the city’s 34 struggling schools will be the
first to have new teacher evaluation laws in a transformation model… Surviving The Cuts Chicago Journal:  With
Chicago Public Schools set to lay off teachers and slash funding for
programs to close its budget deficit, parents and community stakeholders
at some public schools around downtown will lean on fund raising
strategies and outreach efforts to try to mitigate the worst of the

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  • I am compelled to correct one sentence. While it may be a minor change, as a researcher in the field of post-secondary education, it makes a difference. You say "and their college enrollment figures are high", but that's not quite accurate. Their college acceptance figures are high. There's a very distinct and meaningful difference between being accepted to college and actually enrolling.

  • contact me if you believe the following pertains to you.

    Negotiating Points for Teachers on Value-Added Evaluations
    My concerns regarding legal issues arose from statistical problems and some practical problems associated with using value-added assessment to reliably and validly measure teacher effectiveness. The main issue is to protect against wrongly firing teachers on the basis of statistical noise, or on the basis of factors that influenced the value-added scores that were not related to teacher effectiveness.

    Among other things, I pointed out problems associated with the non-random assignment of students, and how non-random assignment of students across classrooms of teachers can influence significantly

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