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Charter Schools: Team Page Vs. Team Hinz

Two columnists take on the pros and cons of charter schools — which one makes a better case?  Clarence Page (The trouble with charter schools) or Greg Hinz (Numbers start to add up at charter schools)? 

AM News: Uncertain Impact Of TIF Misspending Audit

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Issues Raised At Washington High School (Again)

Here’s another email expressing concerns about Washington High.  What’s going on over there, and if it’s something bad what’s it going to take to get it cleaned up? From a reader:  “I am in a desperate situation and feel very helpless as to what I can do to try and make a change at this... Read more »

AM News: Pressure Still On Unions, Special Programs

Huberman Still Wants Union ConcessionsWBEZ: Changes in funding from the state mean schools might not be facing as big a deficit as originally thought… Magnet, Gifted Schools May Lose Teachers Fox:  FOX Chicago News has learned that regional magnet and gifted schools — which each typically have three extra teachers–may lose one or two of... Read more »

AM News: Did State Just Bail CPS Out?

Daley attends rally against violence Tribune:  The full impact of gun violence on Chicago Public Schools students during the past school year is still becoming apparent…  Laying off low-rated teachers helps kids Sun Times (letter):  At a time when state and district budgets impose difficult choices for leadership, staffing decisions must be made in the... Read more »

Video: Be Careful What You Wish For

A teacher goes to sleep complaining about his union dues and wakes up in a world where there are no unions anymore.  He’s entered….The School Zone:  

Video: Slow-Motion Simultaneous Lightning Strike

This has nothing to do with education — unless it counts as a vivid reminder of the beauty and power of Mother Nature: Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

Events: Summer Safety

There’s a big walk for peace on the Southwest Side on Saturday morning (see email below).  Then a week from Monday begins a new-sounding anti-violence initiative being sponsored by City Hall and CPS:  Chicago schools, churches team up for ‘Safe Haven’ summer program.  Will it be enough to prevent Chicago from being extra violent this... Read more »

Media: Turnaround Costs

From TWIE:  Two quick thoughts about Sam Dillon’s NYT story on Locke high school (about which I am writing a book).  First off, it was interesting to watch as the headline for the story changed overnight from Cost of Progress at a Failing School to School Is Turned Around, but Cost Gives Pause.  The newer... Read more »

AM News: High Charter Grad Rates

Good Data for Charters, but Some Urge Caution CNC:  Charter schools financed by the Renaissance Schools Fund graduated their first high school classes this spring, and their college enrollment figures are high… Low-Achieving New York Schools to Test New Rules NYT:  Eleven of the city’s 34 struggling schools will be the first to have new... Read more »