Viewable: The Culture Of Clam

A couple of readers asked for an easily-viewable version of the Huberman presentation (which some of you jokesters are calling the Culture of Clam).  So here it is:

Culture of Calm_safety update board_5 26 10p FINAL

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  • and the murders and violence escalates

    (below are since May 27 that have been reported in regular news)
    -2 shot in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood
    -Hundreds assemble for funeral of slain officer
    -Daley, Weis blame texting suburbanites for beach unrest and shooting
    -Man seriously wounded in West Englewood shooting
    -Man critically wounded in Humboldt Park shooting
    -Bicycle rider shot in leg on North Side
    -Woman shot in South Shore, baby unharmed

  • I do not condone psychic justice, but Meridian is, I believe making a valid point. IF, they can predict violence, why are they not doing something about the future predators? No, they cannot make these predictions, so pretending to predict victims is not a credible way to combat violence.

  • The "victim" moniker is really a thinly veiled disguise for "perpetrator". I thought everyone knew that. And I agree that Meridian has a point.

  • is not this child endangerment? or at the least official misconduct in not protecting children in your charge?

  • here's a press advisory from CPS about a new set of grants to community groups for COC:

    New RFP seeks vendors in nine additional high school communities

    Chicago Public Schools officials today issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the next phase of the District

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