Does Chicago Need A "Friends" School?


The Chicago Friends School is opening next year, adding to Chicago’s array of private and parochial schools.  But is that what parents really want?  A charter Friends school would be sorta cool, but this one’s private.  The Tribune noted the school’s development way back in March (here).  So did NBC Chicago (here).  Someone from the school posted an announcement on my other site way back in January (here).  The “Friends” part refers to a vaguely Quaker feel, like at the Sidwell
Friends School the First Daughters attend in Washington.  It’s going to
be based in West Ridge. 


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  • Wish this was cropping up on the south and southwest side.

  • Even though my children are attending a magnet school, Friends is a welcome addition to Rogers Park. We have so very few decent schools here in the neighborhood and other than Stone and Decatur, no good public schools. We need all the good options we can get!

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