AM News: Budget Cuts Still Looming


Democratic lawmakers working on backup plans for state
:  As lawmakers try to cobble
together a budget before their Memorial Day deadline, House Democrats on
Monday started exploring two backup options on the…
may borrow for pension
:  The
proposed cuts include $400 million to education and $300 million to
state agencies — a measure that is already a part of the budget that
passed the Senate and is circulating the House…Students
protest school budget cuts
:  Bearing
books and band instruments and wearing sports uniforms, more than 250
Chicago high school students on Monday afternoon protested sweeping cuts
to public education by … studying… CPS names new chief for special-ed services:  Following a promise to overhaul the way special-needs
children are educated in the city, Chicago Public Schools announced a
new leader Monday for the office responsible for administering those
Richard Smith, who has worked in the special-… Illinois gets $11.9M to track student progress:  Illinois is getting $11.9 million in federal stimulus
money to create and use a data system that’s designed to track student
progress…3rd Annual Chicago Youth Film Festival:  Films Give Authentic Voice to Real-life Issues Facing
Chicago Students… Whitney Young Students to Face Detention Over Protest:  On May 5th, about 800 Whitney Young students walked out
of class and marched out of class and walked out of class to protest
the upcoming CPS Budget Cuts.

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  • Interesting. Is his experience also mainly with young students with physical disabilities in higher income neighborhoods? I wonder what Rod Estvan thinks about this change?

  • Dick was head of the psychologists at C.O. before he became principal at Stock. He was a terrific principal! He reached out to the local private schools to bring an inclusive program to the school. He was supportive of his faculty; a team player; great listener; respectful to parents and field personnel; etc. So what if he came from a tiny school? He knows sped regulations; he thinks about the needs of children; and he is a detail person. Originally he was one of the candidates considered for the job before Debbie got the promotion. Both of them come from within the system and know the communities. I see his appointment as a fine choice by a CEO who knows nothing about education but happened to get decent recommendations from people in order to appoint Dick to the position. I would think that Rod would be very supportive of this appointment. By the way, Dick will cut through the junk and make the system user-friendly.

  • Deborah Duskey will not stay on at CPS. Hooterman is cleaning house and removing anyone slightly associated with Mr. Duncan. Funny thing is, in her memo yesterday DD stated that she wanted to address the rumors. What rumors?? Everyone knew she was fired two days before spring break. Unfortunately I don't know Dick, but if he's appointed by Hooterman he must be a University of Chicago alum or affiliate......that's just a silly guess.

  • picture of marilyn, but not being arrested

  • nice pics and coverage of protest from chicagoist i mean gapers block

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