Too Many Principals Removed Or "Probationized" Under Huberman?


Catalyst has a great new update on how many principals have been removed and/or put on probation since Huberman came into power — all 18 of them. (Yes, I made up that word.): 

Schools on probation where principals have been removed for low
performance since July 2009: Mann,  Henderson, Oglesby Elementary, Julian, Betsy Ross Elementary.  Schools where principals have received warning resolutions in 2009
and 2010:
Kozminski, Tilden, Brooks College Prep, Songhai, Morrill, Guggenheim, Marquette, Henson, Prescott, Herzl, Chalmers, Burke, Michele Clark. 

The Catalyst update includes comments about the removal process from the usual suspects:  Clarice Berry, Don Moore, and Peter Martinez.  But what do they know?  Distract yourself from the coming budget doom by telling your fellow readers whether that’s too many principals or too few, or whether it’s the right ones or not. (Frankly that doesn’t seem like a lot to me.)


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  • Jeannine Wolf, Lawndale Community Academy. Yes, she "resigned" but I've heard it was only because she knew she was being forced out. Had been there a while, but was still very active and creative...

  • Ron Huberman has a "reign of terror" going against principals in the Chicago Public Schools, per Mayor Daley! Sara is telling Ron what to do! Teachers, don't get happy, you are next! P.S.- Don't give up your raises or be forced to take unpaid furlough days! If you do, it will be the beginning of your end!

  • There are proven models for school improvement. Why does Huberman use them? This is all political, making rooms for cronies. As usual, poor kids suffer.

  • Espinosa is a disgrace to CPS. That she ever got the job, and that she continues to receive a paycheck are cruel jokes on the taxpayers of Illinois. Corrupt to the core.

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