Surprising Daley / Huberman Support For Vouchers

Tumblr_l042mywxcP1qa42jro1_500 The myth of Arne
Duncan’s Chicago ‘miracle’ continues to implode, along with the myths that vouchers are done for and that districts and mayors always oppose them:  Parents of 22,000 kids
attending Chicago’s worst schools might get vouchers to attend private
or parochial schools — “creating in one motion a program as large as
Milwaukee’s – which took
more than 20 years to become the nation’s largest,” according to State
News Service’s Jim Broadway.  Ditto for kids attending overcrowded
schools. And — this is particularly unusual — the Board of Education
and City Hall are apparently down with that (according to this Tribune
editorial Chicago

vouchers), along with Democratic lawmakers who would usually go
along with the teachers union and oppose. Why aren’t Daley and Huberman opposing this legislation?  Is there some deal to exchange more money for a voucher provision?  Would you be interested in using a voucher if it were available?  


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  • PURE's julie woestehoff claims that lack of interest in NCLB's complicated and cumbersome transfer provision means that parents don't want out of those schools, ignoring the fact that late notification and (until this year) lack of access to substantially better schools made the NCLB option worthless

    come on, julie -- a little bit of intellectual honesty would help.

  • daily herald notes that money concerns are the big obstacle to the voucher idea -- and union opposition

    did vouchers come up at yesterday's board meeting, by the way?

  • The voucher system is a JOKE!! Daley just want's to use the voucher's so he can close certain schools and lease them out to be charters. Frankly, you can send kids from under performing schools to the moon, and they will still come back LD. How do you correct things that impact them directly such as alcoholic father, drug addict mother, 2 incarcerated brothers?? Now don't get me wrong, I believe the voucher system could be effective if used to help certain students. However a large number of kids are performing poorly not becuase of CPS, but becuase of no support at home and uneducated parents. There are several students on the westside who have missed over 45 days of school. The explanation from the family is "he was sick." That's Bull. So if the parents are not involved and the community is not involved, what good will it do to send these kids to parochial or private schools. If the voucher system is used it should be selective. The students with bad attitudes, poor grades, and low attendance should be shipped downtown to Huberman's office.

    ****Rough day!!

  • If the parent uses the voucher, and the school kicks the student back to the public school, does the voucher then get rescended and the monies go back to the public school?

  • Everyone wants more funding for students in CPS, and this bill does exactly that. CPS spends $11,536 per student and the vouchers are capped at the foundation level ($6,119). For every student that utilizes the voucher, CPS banks at least $5,417 that they can spend on the students that remain in CPS schools. If 10% of students utilized the vouchers, CPS funding for students that remain in the public schools will increase by more than $600 per student -- and all without a single penny in extra taxes.

  • After reading the bill, if the student gets expelled from the private school, CPS is reimbursed by the private school on a prorated basis.

  • Huberman truly believes in the old saying:
    'We could have much better schools if only we could get rid of:
    -the teachers (working well, thousands are gone and more will be gone)
    -the principal (we're getting there)
    -the students (charters and vouchers )
    and for the added sweet touch we're getting rid of the support staff too!

  • they're throwing all the arguments they can think of against vouchers down in springfield, says clout street

    sounds like folks are worried.

  • James Meeks got his way!

  • I spent some quality time in Springfield this week. The voucher bill is SB 2494 house amendment 1. You all can read this bill by going to type in SB2494 and click House Amendment 001 and then pdf. There are serious fiscal implications for CPS in this bill and teachers and parents should read it and understand it.

    The bill passed the House this afternoon. Because it was amended by the House it must go back to the Senate.

    Rod Estvan

  • The Road to hell part II

    It looks very likely a voucher bill will pass out of Springfield. Our lawmakers will boast
    and high five over its passage easing their guilt and congratulating themselves over having
    done something for the damaged kids of Chicago. From where I sit these good intentions
    will create a road to hell for a lot of kids.
    I see no protection for the kids in this bill. The money, anywhere from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 will be
    directed by parents or guardians to the school of their choice again, with the intention
    that the student will be better served. Who says? From personal experience over 41 years
    As a CPS teacher I know the

  • Anonymous said, "If the same said student attended private school sans voucher the school would receive the full 11k." ============ That is incorrect. If the student left to attend a private school sans voucher, the district would lose the state and federal funding for that student (possibly more than the value of the voucher).

  • Did anyone notice that this bill started with schools in Illinois and ends talking about District 299? (qualifying student must live in the City of Chicago)
    It started with K-12 and ends with K-8.
    It also starts with underperforming schools and adds overcrowded schools. Is this the plan - to put 35 in a classroom and then deem all schools overcrowded? The job to notify the parents is placed on the principal.
    Schools accepting vouchers can still charge tuition.
    Parents must state their income when applying.
    Receiving schools must use the same assessment as the public schools (ISAT) and the same number of hours & days in the school year.

    It is unclear if the receiving school also gets Low Income monies.
    The big question is why - on this bill it states: "For any school district with a Low Income Concentration Level of 60% or more, the grant for each school year shall be $2,080 multiplied by the low income eligible pupil count." But I read that we are only getting $735 per student for the 2010-2011 school year.

  • letters to the editor from woestehoff and clewes about vouchers and steve chapman,0,1805210.story

  • some republican lawmakers oppose voucher legislation, too, notes tribune,0,185266.story

  • I just found out today that House amendment 001 to SB2494 the voucher bill passed the House on Friday, but the underlying bill did not go to a full vote. Today a fiscal note was attached to the bill asking that it be analyized for cost. This was done because Rep. Kevin Joyce filed an amendment to the bill this morning. That amendment was an attempt to protect CPS from fiscal disaster because House amendment 001 required that all the money for vouchers come from CPS's GSA dollars, but the voucher students themselves were not part of the average daily attendance number used to determine CPS's GSA total. Joyce's amendment read:

    (3) Beginning in Fiscal Year 2012, the Average Daily
    10 Attendance figure for general State aid calculation purposes
    11 for City of Chicago School District 299 must be comprised of
    12 the Average Daily Attendance as calculated under paragraphs (1)
    13 and (2) of this subsection (C) plus the monthly average of the
    14 actual number of pupils in attendance in nonpublic schools from
    15 the prior year under a school choice voucher. However, students
    16 enrolled in nonpublic schools must not be considered enrolled
    17 in City of Chicago School District 299 for any purpose other
    18 than the calculation of general State aid. The Average Daily
    19 Attendance claim of City of Chicago School District 299 shall
    20 include the combined figure.".

    This ofcourse would mean again that the state is picking up the tab for the vouchers, not CPS. The amendment 002 is now going back to the House rules committee. Its actually funny, Republicans, and African American religious democrats like Sen. Meeks agree on the need for vouchers, but white Republicans do not want to pay one cent towards these vouchers. Chicago Democrats who are white and Catholic support vouchers too, but they want the state as a whole to pay, not just Chicago.

    Rod Estvan

  • Using vouchers to attend parochial schools is a violation of the constitution. I know the IFT and CTU has challenges in place should this finally be passed.

  • If the voucher is given to the parent of the student, then based on what is called the Zelman decision it is Constitutional at the federal level. On the level of the State of Illinois Constitution the voucher idea has not yet been tested.

    To read the Zelman decision go to

    Rod Estvan

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