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Quote: "It's A Zero-Sum World, Honey."

Leave it to David Simon to work some school reform into his new HBO series, Treme.  The second episode includes this great scene [click below] in which a father (played by John Goodman) explains to his teenage daughter how older kids of Tulane faculty ended up going to Lusher, a district school converted to charter,... Read more »

Media: Awards For Everyone (But Me)

Kudos to all the folks who won Lisagor awards over the weekend — including Mick Dumke and Ben Jarovsky who wrote about the shadow budget, Julia McEvoy, Linda Lutton and Natalie Moore for their 50:50 series, Southtown’s Duaa Eldeib and Elizabeth Martin, Catalyst’s Sarah Karp and John Myers for writing about the struggle to educate... Read more »

Will Race To The Top Infighting Reach IL?

The Wall Street Journal  (Unions, States Clash in Race to Top) reports that infighting between teachers unions and state officials has spread in states like Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado that are hoping to win RTTT funding.  Indiana has actually withdrawn its RTTT application, and the teachers union in CO has recanted its support for the... Read more »

AM News: The Cuts Are Coming, The Cuts Are Coming!

Educators and Parents Await News on Cuts Chicago News Cooperative:  Principals, teachers and parents in Chicago will find out Monday what the $1.3 billion in proposed cuts to state education spending will mean to their schools… Teachers Next To Go NPR:  After cutting their budgets to the bone and exhausting millions of dollars in federal... Read more »

The Coming Teacherpocalypse!

The wags over at (conservative) Reason have declared massive job cut projections and saturation media coverage of what are (let’s be honest) speculative numbers “Teacherpocalypse 2010.”   I think it’s sort of funny.  Those affected won’t.  But then again teachers are a pretty small share of the 6 million Americans already out of work. No one... Read more »

Private School Kids Co-Opt Girl Scouts (In NYC)

Girls Scouts are suddently all the rage among private school families in New York, according to this recent New York Times article (Private School Girls Stampede to Scouting).  Is this happening in Chicago, too?  If so, how’s it going, and why is it happening?  Last but not least, what does this have to do with... Read more »

Required To Take The Armed Services Exam?

From a reader:  “I have a student who is being required to take the Armed Services Aptitude battery.  Do you know if everyone in CPS is required to take this test?  This was the first I had hear of it.  Please let me know if you know anything about this!”

Doomsday Budget, Part II

Principals are meeting on Thursday to hear more about how bad the budgets are — and Huberman et al have prepared another bit of information to “help” principals prepare for Armageddon.  Is anyone else thinking that this is yet another manipulation of educators (and the media)? PrincipalBudgetMemo.pdf

BEW: Victim -- Or Sellout?

It’s official. Everyone knew it was coming.  Barbara Eason Watkins — the former principal who Arne Duncan wanted to head CPS — is to head the Michigan City Indiana school system.  You can read the letter she just sent out to principals here ( PDF).  But was she a victim of the system or a... Read more »

AM News: Do More With Less, Says Daley

Daley says state and federal government have to cut more Chicago Clout:  Mayor Richard Daley today said he will ask city vendors to renegotiate their contracts, with a goal of cutting Chicago’s costs by 10 percent.Daley said the move is just the latest of the… Chicago Teachers Struggle To Find Out Pension Amounts Chicago News: ... Read more »