Catalyst: Timeliness, Bite, & Characters, Please


Catalyst has got more money
and staff devoted to covering education than anyone else in town – more
than WBEZ, more than the Tribune even. And yet. The occasional 16-page monstrosity is lovely and may win Lisagors but it doesn’t provide enough story or biting analysis to be worth the massive resource suck. We need better stories (characters), or we need better digging (as with Ben Joravsky’s dig into the Huberman salary thing). And it’d be so great to see more frequent reported news items, too.  The recent bit they did on principal probation (Principals feeling the heat) is a good
example of what they can (and should) do more of.  In my opinion.


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  • I agree, IMHO. Ben could've done more digging too.

  • press relations at CPS --§ion=Article

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