AM News: Should Parents Foot School Kinder Bill?

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$500K for fake grass at school Sun Times:  The
project at Burroughs Elementary — as well as six others up for a
Chicago School Board vote today — are possible due to two federally
funded programs… Rev. Jesse Jackson: ‘Chicago is in a State Of

Yahoo News:  Chicago is in a state of emergency. It has been
reported that 113 people have been killed in Chicago this year… Parents Asked to Pony Up for Kindergarten at South Loop
ChicagoTalks: Parents of South Loop Elementary students blasted
school board officials Wednesday after they proposed a voluntary fee to
keep the school’s kindergarten program running… 

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  • Since it's voluntary, I don't believe the parents can really complain. The choice is theirs. Pony up and hope enough of the other parents do too, or get reduced to half day kindergarten.

    But has anyone considered asking the community for money? People without children might be willing to pony up an amount (probably not a huge amount, but some). Or how about the old standby, bake sales? Or handmade craft items the children could make? Or an auction, or things of that nature?

  • I am going to predict that at least 25 other north side schools will be able to keep full day kindergarten this fall because parents will pay for it out of pocket. This is much more common that people think, and this fall especially, it will be half day or pay up.
    I do wish there was some kind of a payment plan though. I could pay $250 a month over a 10 month period of time, but I can't come up with $2500 this summer.

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