AM News: Disproportionate Punishment Across Schools

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of study of Illinois school punishment
AP:  Suspensions
of Black students increased 75 percent from 1999-2008, while
those of white students dropped five percent… Home-school
Tribune:  Werner
has seen the popularity of home-schooler proms grow in Illinois over
the last decade… Some
CPS Seniors Won’t Get Diplomas Because They Owe Hundreds In Fees
Fox:  These
kids can forget about engaging in the celebrations and rituals
associated with graduation– tickets to senior luncheons can cost $50
for students and $35 for each additional guest… Unique
dual language Japanese program graduates first class in Schaumburg
Tribune:  In
a program launched in 2001, 21 students at Dooley Elementary School in
Schaumburg embarked on their educational career by alternating daily
between Japanese and English instruction. 

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  • 35 or 37 students in a classroom will cause CPS to get hit with Fire Code violations.
    Bond says 90% of classrooms are at least 700 square feet. But according to the fire code, you need 20 sq. ft a person so 720 sq. ft is needed to hold 35 students and a teacher.,CST-NWS-skul29.article

    Does she think the Fire Department will look the other way on this? My room is only 648 sq. ft. That barely fits 32 people.

  • here's the link to the WBEZ audio coverage of the monthly board meetings, in case you want to put them on your ipod and listen to them while you work or something:

  • it could be worse (better?). they're revamping last hired, first fired rules in several states

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