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Evaluating The City Council PowerPoint [corrected]

Here’s the 10-slide presentation deck for [yester]today’s appearance in front of the City Council.  My main question is how they hope to make the process more open without at the same time making it even MORE contentious? That was always the argument for giving schools time to respond afterwards rather than ahead of time.  Maybe... Read more »

New School Closing Plan For Chicago

The new plan was outlined on Tuesday by Bob Runcie and will be presented to the City Council today, according to Catalyst (CPS officials unveil new school action process).  The proposed plan would include earlier outreach to schools and communities says WBEZ (Huberman Unveils New School Closing Plan). It also uses new terms and categories... Read more »

Catalyst: Timeliness, Bite, & Characters, Please

Catalyst has got more money and staff devoted to covering education than anyone else in town – more than WBEZ, more than the Tribune even. And yet. The occasional 16-page monstrosity is lovely and may win Lisagors but it doesn’t provide enough story or biting analysis to be worth the massive resource suck. We need... Read more »

AM News: Disproportionate Punishment Across Schools

Highlights of study of Illinois school punishment AP:  Suspensions of Black students increased 75 percent from 1999-2008, while those of white students dropped five percent… Home-school prom Tribune:  Werner has seen the popularity of home-schooler proms grow in Illinois over the last decade… Some CPS Seniors Won’t Get Diplomas Because They Owe Hundreds In Fees... Read more »

Surprising Daley / Huberman Support For Vouchers

The myth of Arne Duncan’s Chicago ‘miracle’ continues to implode, along with the myths that vouchers are done for and that districts and mayors always oppose them:  Parents of 22,000 kids attending Chicago’s worst schools might get vouchers to attend private or parochial schools — “creating in one motion a program as large as Milwaukee’s... Read more »

Adding Non-Teaching Staff To LSCs

I’m told that there’s a proposal working its way through the legislature to add a non-teaching staff member to the composition of local school councils (LCSs) and that this is a bad thing because it would undo the parent majority that has made LSCs such an important part of the success of so many Chicago... Read more »

AM News: Should Parents Foot School Kinder Bill?

$500K for fake grass at school Sun Times:  The project at Burroughs Elementary — as well as six others up for a Chicago School Board vote today — are possible due to two federally funded programs… Rev. Jesse Jackson: ‘Chicago is in a State Of Emergency’ Yahoo News:  Chicago is in a state of emergency.... Read more »

Evaluating The New Magnet Appeals Process

So now there’s a new appeals process: Online letter.  May 28 deadline.  In-person followup if requested within 10 days and approved by hearing officer.  CPS opens appeals process TribuneAppeals Process for Chicago’s Elite Schools WBEZ Is this any better than the old process, really?  Is this what you expected or think is needed?  Are you going... Read more »

Too Many Principals Removed Or "Probationized" Under Huberman?

Catalyst has a great new update on how many principals have been removed and/or put on probation since Huberman came into power — all 18 of them. (Yes, I made up that word.):  Schools on probation where principals have been removed for low performance since July 2009: Mann,  Henderson, Oglesby Elementary, Julian, Betsy Ross Elementary. ... Read more »

AM News: Budget Cuts Not Reality (Yet)

CPS budget calls for big boost in class size Tribune:  The specter of packed classrooms has fueled widespread anxiety among parents and teachers — but the worry may be premature… Daley cool to idea of National Guard troops on Chicago streets Clout Street:  Mayor Richard Daley today reacted coolly to the idea that the National... Read more »