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Thumbnail image for tumblr_kytocv3Dnt1qa42jro1_500.jpgNot that it’s going to make a big enough dent in the CPS budget hole, but I hear that people are being laid off throughout CPS today.  First mention:  Pat Rivera (homeless ed).  Anyone else?  Is it citywide or just on Clark Street?  

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  • Anonymous is that departmently teachers for math and science or is is math and science coaching positions?
    Also, what happened to 100+ principals announcing their retirement this month. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • Seniority DOES count , so long as the person can bump off someone with less seniority in a position they are certified for. But someone with a k-3 certificate, for ex., can't bump someone with a Math Endorsement for Upper grades, even if they have less years.

  • from a reader via email:

    I was at the CPS teacher candidate info summit last night at IIT. The presenters let us know they were letting info slip out, but wanted to be honest with us.

    According to those presenting-
    125 S. Clark would be losing at least 50 employees within 48hrs.
    The tentative (secret?) career fair in April is canceled. There are two possible career fairs possibly occurring in May or June- they made it sound like the chance of these going on was less than 50%. The presenters did not even want to discuss what all occurs at a career fair but did "just in case there is one".
    The bus tours and most all other recruiting 'events' are all canceled.

  • My understanding was that the point of having schools and districts at all was so that we might actually get around to the calling of educating students. Not cooking numbers or hiring lawyers to threaten teachers or run propaganda campaigns or hire out non-functional software. How about we drop all of those departments so we might be able ot educate students unimpeded...

  • In reply to xian:

    Amen. I am able to educate my students in spite of the Board of Ed, certainly not because of them.

    Also, the $1 billion deficit is no more:

    $1 billion (projected deficit)
    - $400 million (pension payment relief)
    - $400 million (average overstated budget projection for the last 8 years)
    $200 million budget

  • What can a parent reply when he sees that the IEP has minutes he knows CPS cannot/will not deliver?

  • Yeah, I'm still laughing at that one that said I should retire just 'cause I've been working 30 years. Read the contract .... you have to be 55 and have 34 years. As a matter of fact, those 2 events will happen for me at the same time, in 2013. You can have my job when I leave, just hope you're not a math major. Oh, and to replace me, you will need a Bilingual / ESL certificate. Get started !

  • Thank you. Best laugh I had today !

  • I don't know what kind of work you do at CO, but I do agree that most teachers do not need your "expertise" if it is not directly in support of real live children in front of you. How could you help us the most? Come into our rooms as an aide to tutor struggling students. If you are not with the kids every day, you're right, there is not much you can contribute to our efforts.

  • I am curious about you former teachers who go into administration because "the kids need us". Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say you were being less helpful to children when you were in direct contact with them all day? Or maybe you were one of those teachers you are complaining about. It is my experience that the worst teachers are the ones who are constantly trying to find a way out of the classroom.

  • You may be sick of how little regard anyone has for your work, but think about what it's like for teachers. We deal one on one with over one hundred children a day. Some are hungry, some are dirty, some got beat up the night before, many can't read, most can't multiply or divide. Parents are usually worse than the children. As a teacher I am required to go to "professional developments" by CO people that have NO relevance in the classroom. It takes 5-6 adults to run a sample lesson for 30 adults. Oddly enough, they expect me to take these great ideas back to my classroom where I, one adult, need to teach 28 unprepared students. I have seen the CO people have lunch, read the papers and socialize with one another. I have had enough. Our schools are failing because the board is NOT listening to the real educators.

  • In what way did Debbie Duskey fail? What is currently wrong with SPED & OSS? I have been gone for two years. What has changed?

  • Very true - a total waste of money getting these young people college ready and into college. What a nightmare!

  • You are saying it is the fault of teachers that old school principal/educator's have been replaced by business types and that teachers should all become administrators so that we can set school policy? That's interesting. So who would be teaching? You sound like an idiot. P.S. the "whining" description is a little over-used...time to get more creative.

  • To 1:25 -- Performance-based management is a wonderful tool for making shoes or running a transportation system. They will understand eventually that the beautiful minds of our kids and the ART of teaching can't be quantified...and I hope that day or reckoning comes sooner rather than later.

  • I have to say that I agree. It can be argued back and forth for days and it still won't matter. We will most likely have to let them have at it.

    Everyday my respons to my students who say, "I don't like reading" is, "We all have to do things we don't like. It is a fact of life."

    Now, can we all just act like adults and do what is best for our students?

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    Sorry, that should be "Everyday, my response..." We really need a spell checker on here. LOL

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    The Union can save teachers without reopening the contract by electing new, thoughtful leadership with integrity, intelligence, and the skills to organize real opposition to the CPS.

    The CTU has done a miserable job of advocating for its members and hasn't even performed or commissioned an audit of the CPS budget which is, in large part, fictional.

  • In reply to judgejury81:

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  • Yes, the funding shortage is real. But the CPS overestimated its budget, mostly to try to scare the legislature into action, by an average of $400 million each winter for the last 8 years.

  • I moved here from NY where they have the "Taylor Law" . This piece of legality states that any public employee who strikes loses 2 days pay for every day out on strike. You really have to mean it to strike in NY.

    I worked in one district nearly 3 years without a contract due to this.

  • Bob writes: "Only two parties have a chance to oust the UPC , Core and Pact. This is a real hard one to
    Decide since both have real teachers running"

    Let me help you.

    On July 1st--when the new officers take over--Huberboy will be ready to negotiate (or "strong-arm") the new team.

    Debbie Lynch and Maureen Callaghan have already negotiated a contract, and learned much from the process. The PACT team already has established relationships with lawyers and other specialists. With the experience and connections, PACT is ready to go head-to-head with the Board from Day One.

    The other team of candidates are good people. They are energetic and promise to fight for the membership. Over the three-year term, I'm sure they would learn to be good leaders. But they won't be ready to go against the Board from Day One. Hubie will eat them alive.

    Go with PACT. The team with experienced, proven leadership.

  • Dr. Death (AKA), David Pickens, former Chief of Staff for Arnie Duncan (former CEO for the CPS) was "forced to fall on his sword", (he was fired) because he maintained the admissions-related VIP list for Arnie Duncan. The funny thing about this is, it was Ron Huberman's people who leaked the story to the press! CPS has allowed David to "save face" by allowing him to resign on April 30, 2010. Greg Minniefield, another Arnie Duncan person, was fired Friday. Ron Huberman and his CTA and CPD gang are eliminating the last of the Arnie Duncan people from CPS! Look for those few remaining Arnie Duncan people to be let go by June 30, 2010!

  • What's up with the Teach for America agreement with CPS for the coming year? Will TFA teachers be placed when current teachers are being let go? Anyone know?

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