A Victory For Substance News (& Journalistic Transparency)


Just a week and change ago, Substance raised the issue of whether the Chicago News Cooperative should disclose its relationship to Martin Koldyke in its coverage of turnarounds and AUSL. Well, this latest article does just that.

Of course, I don’t know exactly what happened or if there’s a direct causal relationship.  But it was a good call from Substance and a good move on the CNC’s part to err on the side of transparency. 

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  • Why is it bad? Because he is destroying the reputations and careers of people who are just as dedicated to children as he is and who have been proving it for many more years than he. If his methods are "philantrhropic", than I don't understand love any more than you do geography.

  • Mr. Koldyke was an extremely good investor, but like any venture capitalist only about 50% of investments pay off. The real skill is dumping the losers before they cost you too much and keeping the winners until they pay off. How do you apply that investment princple to the turn around process?

    Rod Estvan

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