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Video: "Scarface" School Play Hoax Goes Viral

What do you think about this elementary school performance of the climactic (“say hello to my little friend”) scene in Scarface, which has been going around since Monday? Turns out it was a hoax, but given all the crazy fudge that goes on in and around schools these days (bans on hugging, sex bracelet scares,... Read more »

AM News: Arts HS Opening At Humboldt Elementary

Arts High School A good fit for Humboldt Park? Catalyst:  Lafayette’s sprawling campus is home to one of the largest elementary school orchestras in the city, but its students only fill a third of the building. That’s about to change…School hopes for funding miracle Sun Times: Luther North High School Principal Tom Weimann couldn’t get... Read more »

Big Federal Grant For Small Residency Program

Know anyone who comes out of UTEP?  Think they’re any good?  Well, this week drinks are on them.  The small six year-old teacher preparation program has just received over $11M from the USDE to expand and improve its efforts to prepare teachers for urban classrooms.  The program features careful recruitment and selection of candidates, residency... Read more »

Teens - Not School Officials - Charged In Bullying Suicide

What do you think about teens but not school officials being tried for bullying at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts that led to a teenage girl’s death – even though officials knew about the situation and seem not to have done enough to stop it? 9 Teenagers Accused of Bullying That Led to Suicide... Read more »

State Misses Federal Funding Mark

Illinois Loses in First Round of Race to the Top Grant Statehouse News:  After months of planning and grabbing a spot as a Race to the Top finalist, Illinois on Monday was not chosen as a winner in the national grant program for education reform. Illinois misses out in federal school cash dash Sun Times: ... Read more »

AM News: Positions Cut, SPED Overhaul Promised

Ex-Marquette star Ellis let go from CPS Sun Times:  Former Marquette University basketball star Maurice “Bo” Ellis is among six Chicago Public School sports administrators to be out of a job after a wave of layoffs that ended Monday, officials said. CPS vows overhaul of special education program Tribune:  District sources said the head of... Read more »

AM News: Budget Cuts, Student Violence, Elections

Budget cuts affect Illinois schools Tribune: Administrators have assured them that the modest increases being proposed at many schools won’t make a significant difference — and research largely backs them up. Still, parents across the region are venting frustration at school board meetings and pleading for teachers to negotiate lower salaries to save jobs… West... Read more »

Friday Twitter Updates

I’m at a conference and so I’ll be posting news and commentary via Twitter today: Feel free to write in with any news items or events that I miss. 

Pink Slipped

Not that it’s going to make a big enough dent in the CPS budget hole, but I hear that people are being laid off throughout CPS today.  First mention:  Pat Rivera (homeless ed).  Anyone else?  Is it citywide or just on Clark Street?  

Should The Duncan VIP List Be Public?

All week we’ve been reading about the list that Duncan et al kept to keep track of VIP and other requests for help with competitive CPS schools, but so far at least no one’s said how the list finally got out (my guess is that it was Pickens) or whose names besides a handful of... Read more »