The REAL Selective Enrollment Notification Discussion

Sorry about that, SE people.  Let’s try that again.  Only comments about SE notification and related issues — all other comments should go in another comment thread.

What’s the latest on the magnet and selective enrollment process? 
Letters for SE high schools were sent out on Wednesday and should have
arrived by today, according to the CPS website (here). 
Let us know when they arrived and where you got in (crossed fingers). 
Not sure what the timeline is for magnets and Classical schools. 
Meanwhile, Senn IB applications for freshmen are due April 8 (here)


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  • District299Reader said:

    Nothing on this over at yet.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 1:14 PM

    HS mom said:
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    Lots of students got their SE high school letters yesterday, others did not. Not sure what that means (were only acceptances sent out?) would love to know the racial breakdown too of who got accepted into SE high schools.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 1:38 PM

    mom said:
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    Our acceptance letter came yesterday. The score was VERY high so I'm sure my 8th grader got in on that and didn't get to the socio-economics. Lincoln Park IB and music mailed its letters out last Friday and ChiArts acceptances were in mailboxes this week. I'm interested to see how it all panned out--but for now I have a very happy 8th grader.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 3:14 PM

    Alexander Russo said:

    congrats and thanks for the update, mom, -- can you (or someone else) scan a copy of one of the letters and send it in so we can all see what these things look like (with the names blacked out of course)?
    Posted on February 26, 2010 3:17 PM

    District299Reader said:

    Kiss & cry.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 4:56 PM

    Anonymous said:
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    Not one of our 125 8th graders were accepted to any of the SE HS. They have their reject letters. --our students are hispanic, bilingual, poor and very sad right now. These rejections affirms for them, in their heads that the neighborhood HS which they must attend, is bad--when the school is not bad at all.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 5:41 PM

    Anonymous said:
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    The top 8th grader at our school got a rejection letter as well. Our local HS is bad. He is thinking about a charter school or a trying to get a scholarship to a parochial HS. Many of our 8th graders are heading to a nearby charter school. They all want to try to avoid the regular neighborhood HS. Very, very sad.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 5:53 PM

    Anonymous said:
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    this is all very interesting. i wonder when the results and cutoff scores and socio economic information will be posted?
    Posted on February 26, 2010 6:40 PM

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    Anonymous said:
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    I understand what you are saying 7:38, but I saw a LOT of asian kids at the selective enrollment and ib open houses. Their parents did not speak english. These kids are not pure english speakers--in fact it seemed many had been here for less than a year.
    Posted on February 26, 2010 7:51 PM

  • I guess the gut check didn't happen. All of my middle class African American friend's children were only selected for King or Brooks. I find it mind boggling that no one was accepted into Whitney Young, Jones, Northside and Peyton. Something went awry with the selective enrollment process this year. CPS needs to sit down and reevaluate this process. I hope the feds are checking on this situation and implement the consent decree again.

  • Brooks principal is running it into the ground. A former teacher spoke at the board meeting and stated that some teachers had a fight in the parking lot, freshmen get initiated by getting their heads dunked in the toilet, students are getting assaulted at the school and much more. The principal's contract was renewed even though she was suspended for 20 days for misappopriation of funds and having an unauthorized party that went past curfew. Supposedly the LSC feared retaliation against their children if they didn't renew the contract.

  • Wouldn't it be great if CPS could make Brooks and Lindblom more attractive to all CPS 8th graders? These schools should be just as rich in safety, technology, and teaching as our northside schools (young incl) BrynMawr is far north, yet asking parents to send their kids south is probably to them like an invitation to a war zone.

    Also, I keep having meetings with parents whose children have behavioral issues. One in particular was accepted to UIC prep, a Noble Charter. His mom and I have to consistently remind him that if he continues to act like this at UICP, he'll be "asked to leave" and end up at Wells, Crane, Farragut - viewed as academic purgatory. The real next best option is the suburbs - in this case Romeoville. This conversation has happened more than once. I can't believe I'm preaching the anticipated discipline of a publicly funded institution that doesn't play by the rules when it comes to seriously disruptive or unmotivated students. Is this the essence of the Renaissance? BTW the student was suspended again for behavior three days after the conference. Might as well start checking out apartments in Romeoville.

  • In reply to cklaus76:

    ANY Charter that kicks out a student, repot this abuse tothe CPS las dept., Pat Rocks, 773-553-1700. Charters are NOT allowed to kick out students. I called and it worked!

  • My eighth grade daughter received her rejection letter of Friday.
    She is currently a student in the Academic Center at Kenwood Academy. She started taking highschool courses in 7th grade and has all honors highschool courses now. We attended the open house at Jones this past fall. While there, we received a copy of the typical curriculum while at Jones. We noticed that my daughter is currently taking many of the classes listed for Freshman. There is not doubt in my mind that my daughter can do the work and be successful at Jones. Unfortunately, she only ranked in the 88 percentile on the SE exam, and therefore didn't get an offer. My daughter knows of only 2 classmates that got accepted at a SE school. I think this whole process is ridiculous and too stressful. Every child cannot score in the 95th and above percentile. So what options are available for those children who score below 95%? Luckily, my daughter is at Kenwood, and does not have to attend our neighborhood school. She will remain in Kenwood's magnet program, and will be taking AP classes by her junior year. What about the children who are not at Academic Centers, and who score below 95%? Where are they supposed to go to school and receive a quality education?

  • In reply to Mel8730:


    Thank you for the information.

    My daughter (a 6th grader) will probably be going to the academic center either at Lindblom (her first choice) or Kenwood (which is in our neighborhood.) Did your daughter also look at King, Brooks, & Lindblom or did she just apply to Young, Payton, and Jones (although I thought that Kenwood AC students would have an excellent chance of being accepted at Jones.)

  • In reply to marrs96:

    In this case, Kenwood would be the better choice for your future 7th grader.

  • In reply to Mel8730:

    dear Mel--sorry you do not realize that this process was designed to KEEP your child at Kenwood. (similar issue with Cante.) CPS wants to bring Kenwood back to its old glory and success and they will do this with your child and others

  • Here's the problem as I see it - there is no middle ground (or no perceived middle ground - someone prove me wrong here) - the perception is that either your kid goes to a select high school with all the resources, bells and whistles OR they end up in a place where they are not going to be prepared for much of anything at all - plus the place is ugly, dirty and under-resourced - plus its high school -a place no parent wants to volunteer. Plus everyone's kid is brilliant - right? So many of us feel like its an SE school or nothing - there is no acceptable, safe option within in reasonable commuting distance for the average student.

    On the other hand, as the parents of a relative bright student, I am a little annoyed with the whole system of who gets what in terms of resources. We chose to send my kid to the neighborhood elementary school (which is quite nice)which is not a magnet school - but it does get annoying/depressing to encounter kids who are no brighter than my kid (or his school friends) who go to these magnet schools and seem to have access to so much more - if nothing else, their desire to go at a faster pace has at least been accommodated with more than tutoring their less accomplished peers. Its just this system of haves and have nots (with the majority of us being the have nots) that CPS has set up and fed that drives me crazy....

  • ok, folks -- we have all year to talk about SE vs. regular schools, but this is a thread about SE notification, which happens just once a year. so if you want to talk about the more general issue of a two-tiered system, post in reply to this offshoot not the regular thread.

  • Marrs96 - Brooks was one of my daughter's choices.

  • My 8th grader received a rejection notice as well. The letters that came out on Friday were devastating for her and her classmates- particularly since others who got into an SE school got their letters on Thursday.

    My daughter scored in the 91st percentile on the SE admissions test with similar ISAT score. Her downfall- receiving 2 B's in 7th grade at a school where the grading scale is 92-100 for an A. Her "Bs" were 90 & 91%. At most other schools, including gifted schools like Edison & Bell, the grading scale is lower and she would have had as instead of Bs. How is this fair?

    How can CPS have a very numerical formula for SE admissions yet not require uniform grading scale city-wide so that the numbers are actually fair? It's a sad state of affairs that CPS doesn't have enough SE spots for a student who scores in the top 10% of all test-takers.

    We also are aware of specific instances where the socioeconomic factors resulted in students from lower socioeconomics & lower points to get into SE schools when students with higher points but also from higher socioeconomic tiers did not get int

    After many years of actively supporting CPS, its looks like we will be leaving for a private school.

  • In reply to yomama:

    You may have a class action here cpsmomtimes2. Since CPS allows elementary schools to have DIFFERENT grading scales, yet counts grades in the SE application the same, talk to a lawyer; this issue looks like a good one.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Right! The Huberteam and Abigale Joseph are stupid and ignorant to know or realize that the grading scales are different. (as well as their $consultants too btw.) She should be fired, but she is only a cog in what eternal mayor daley wants.

  • cpsmomtimes2, you hit the nail on the head.

    My 7th grader is enrolled in a gifted program doing 9th grade work. He works his butt off to get high Bs (in the low 90s). If he ends the year with Bs he will lose 100 points. Even with excellent ISAT and SE entrance exam grades, he will never make up the lost points and will be denied his first choice of SE high schools.

    While I agree an entire year of grades is a better indication of academic aptitude (vs. a one-off high stakes test) there needs to be a standard grading scale used, especially if it is so heavily weighted for high school acceptance. Also, what about a formula that takes into account students who are doing work above grade level?

  • I envy all of you for at least having some choice as to where your children can attend school in Chicago, even if it is not your first choice. Try getting a safe placement for a child with special needs. My son can either attend a school that has had about seven REPORTED on-campus assaults in the last year or no school at all. He is a nerdy and sensitive kid with no experience with -- and limited exposure to -- violence and gangs, so it seems that CPS is punishing him for being disabled.

  • In reply to LoryN:

    Laura. I hear you in all this "noise". Your son will be okay. There are good people in all schools. Get to know the SPED teachers, classroom teachers and administrators. I feel your fears, but know that all will be well.

  • @ Anonymous- Lane was her 2nd choice-

    @ Not perfect scores- glad your child got into Lane- really wondering why mine didn't other than we are in the 4th socioeconomic tier.

    Congrats to anon whose child scored 890. He/she could have gone to any SE with that score.

    @Mayfair dad: Same here as far as working hard for those high B's. The grading scale must be uniform throughout the city. Why is that so hard to implement?

  • My daughter was lucky and got her first choice, which was Payton. At least two kids at her school didn't get into Payton (their first choice), but did get into Northside (their second choice), which suggests that the larger class size at Northside helped. We also know of one boy at her school who got admitted to Northside with an 885. He is in Tier 3. Based on our experience, it's hard to imagine that someone with an 898 could have been rejected from Northside, as someone above suggested, no matter what their Tier.

    As for IB at LPHS, I certainly don't think its selection process is more rigorous than the SEs. Almost all the 8th graders from our school who expressed an interest in the program were admitted. And many of them were then shut out of Payton, Northside, Whitney, and Jones. The IB program itself seems well designed and sounds like a lot of work. But I think they have an admissions philosophy that lets a lot of kids in knowing that many will wash out by the second semester. I know for a fact that many kids this past year had that exact experience.

  • @not so perfect scores:

    Thanks for sharing your son's score. I know of some tier 4 kids with scores of 785, 809, 810, and 820 who didn't get into Lane. Mine was one of those. Maybe she'll get a Round 2 spot

  • I teach at an SE, and we called all of our acceptances to confirm them. Many of them did not receive a letter. Good thing we called.

  • Rickover Naval Academy will take a 10th grade transfer.

  • In reply to scordelia:

    the process used to be much looser for transfers than for 9th graders -- i did a story about it for chicago mag when people kept asking questions about jordan's son transferring in. not sure if it got tightened up in the latest changes, but it's a good question.

  • you don;t get it CPS mom--6that's all we do all day every day in the low performing schools--TEST and TEST some more. The Huber team does not allow teachers to teach, only to test. Proof that test prep does not work.

  • It is wrong to tranfer into SE schools. It's not to be done. Do these parents know an alderman? That would help.

  • At the Board Meeting Lincoln Park HS was approved for SCHOOL RESTRUCTING PLANS. Board agenda ITEM 10-0224-ED3.
    They did not make AYP and they have 53% low-income. It appears that Lincoln Park will be a Title I School for the 2010-2011 school year. One reason why current principal is getting OUT.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Excuse my ignorance, but what does this mean? What is AYP? What does "Title I School for 2010-2011" mean? And beyond the basic meaning of these terms, what does this mean for the school and the students?


  • In reply to SteveKub:

    AYP means Adequate Yearly Progress (under NCLB). Title 1 schools received Title 1 funds to help low-income students. Not sure why that would cause current principal to leave, though

  • In reply to SteveKub:

    Does anyone have any information on King College Prep which is in the Kenwood area?

  • In reply to SteveKub:

    I heard that the SE kindergarten letters are due to be mailed by March 15th.

  • I was under the impression that all selective enrollment schools were good, guess not ?

  • In reply to RRSmr112:

    no, to tell you the truth, only lane, jones, whitney, northside and peyton and the international baccalaureate program at Lincoln park are good schools. In fact, lane isnt even really a good school

  • not to be racist in any way, but the reason for this is probably that as most blacks live in poorer neighborhoods and get worse test scores. this is the fault of the elementary schools and its not fair, but basicity that means that blacks are not really getting in the 980's while the whites and asians are because of their elementary schools.

  • which school did he get into?

  • The unfairness of this is appalling. I go to a small private school that is not catholic and i got into whitney but not Ignatius even though i scored a 99 in reading and a 95 in math on my isats and 99's in everything on my Ignatius test

  • I know of two Tier 4 students with scores in the 800s (one was in the 97th percentile) who didn't get an offer to any SE school. This is ridiculous.

  • Just read in the Sun Times that approximately 100 eighth-graders from low performing schools were being admitted into Northside, Payton, Whitney Young and Jones.

    Does this mean 100 Causasian "4s" from the northwest side will be exported to King, Brooks and Lindblom?

  • here's the latest that the sun tiems' ros rossi has - it's huberman's attempt to make good on the long-ago NCLB promise that kids at bad schools could transfer to good ones, and address the race problems in his new SE plan at the same time. seems pretty screwy to me. hell to pay,.

    "Some 100 top students from low-scoring elementary schools will be admitted this fall into the highest-scoring and most sought-after high schools in Chicago under the latest tweak to Chicago's college prep admission policy.

    "Chicago Public School officials said they were using the

  • My son was admitted to LPHS IB Program and Jones College Prep which was our fourth choice. Payton was first choice, Young Magnet second. Not sure if we should decline Jones for a chance to the other SE schools.
    Some advice please. Moving from out of state back to Chicago.

  • In reply to monicagoebel:

    Did your son win a second round choice.

  • My son was accepted at LPHS IB Program and at Jones College Prep which was our 4th choice. Payton was 1st choice, Young Magnet 2nd.
    Wondering if we should decline Jones for a shot at the other SE schools.
    Moving back to Chicago from out of state. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Do you think LPHS IB is a much better school than the SE schools? And what if the student also has an interest in the Music Program? Do any of the SE schools have an amazing music program...mainly orchestra?

  • Does this affect the IB program at LPHS? Sorry for my ignorance. Moving to Chicago from out of state. Have they found a new principal yet?

  • sorry to make you leave this thread and go to a new one, but the scores and tiers for all the schools have been posted here

    along with the new twist about the 100 kids being added to the mix at the last minute.

    click the link, find the schools you're most interested in seeing, and see if you can make sense of how your kid did.

    frankly, it seems like a bit of a mess.

    also stories from the sun times and the defender to read, based on a briefing from huberman a little earlier this afternoon.


  • thanks to everyone for the great comments and questions.

    the latest comments and updates from wednesday night and thursday morning are at the new post

    go there and you'll see new stories and analysis as well as new comments based on the latest changes.


  • Yes, my neice who attends Whitney Young would not have been admitted this year because she lives in Tier 4. In fact, she would have been admitted to Jones, which was her 3rd choice. We are African-American so last year race was an advantage. Also, I wonder the same thing regarding if more girls than boys were admitted this year because gender was not considered. I plan to attend the hearings next school year to ask if it can be reinstated. I have two sons and although they won't have to go through the SE process for a few years, I'm a wreack about the changes in selection.

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