Selective Enrollment Notification Letters [Now Open Thread]

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What’s the latest on the magnet and selective enrollment process?  Letters for SE high schools were sent out on Wednesday and should have arrived by today, according to the CPS website (here).  Let us know when they arrived and where you got in (crossed fingers).  Not sure what the timeline is for magnets and Classical schools.  Meanwhile, Senn IB applications for freshmen are due April 8 (here)

UPDATE:  See the SE notification comments above.  Comments here veered off into other issues (pay, hours, length of school).


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  • Nothing on this over at yet.

  • congrats and thanks for the update, mom, -- can you (or someone else) scan a copy of one of the letters and send it in so we can all see what these things look like (with the names blacked out of course)?

  • Kiss & cry.

  • Very typical! It is open season on teachers. I have met a 1992 Iraq War veteran that said the war was easier than teaching. I met a lawyer that said law is easier than teaching. I know someone that quit after six weeks of teaching. He is currently working somewhere that is making cuts, he does not want to go back to teaching. I know someone that quit teaching after three weeks. He has been working part-time since. I know some police officers that will not go back to work as security in public schools because it was difficult. I know someone that called a parent because the child was misbehaving and the parent replied, "I don't call you when he misbehaves here, so don't call me when he misbehaves there." I know someone that quit student teaching after his car was stolen by a student. I tell my students that we learn from them and they will be teachers as well to their kids. Remember, Jesus was a teacher. Hey 1096, why don't you volunteer and work at a school or are you one of those poser parents that only complains! In fact, why don't you write your name and quit being a coward! - Sam

  • I looked at your history of comments on here. You are someone that does not like unions. You criticize the left. You don't have any solutions to anything. You seem to have lots of anger towards teachers.

  • Teacher institute days are created by The Board of Education. Trust me, I rather have students than be at meetings. It is very easy to blame teachers for test scores. I notice you have not mentioned parents at all. There are schools where students are absent over 90 days. When I was a Dean for a couple of months, I had parents come in screaming when their child had their cel phone taken away. They never came to discuss attendance nor grades. Again, you are one of those people that will yell and scream all day and all night long and not do a thing about it. Again, volunteer at your local public school. - Sam

  • The school year is not the problem. That is the easiest thing to pick out of all the complex things going on in a school. The state legislature and the Board of Education can always create a calandar that can go past June, the problem is that there is no money to go past June. Even the "year round schools" have about the same amount of vacation. Several states are cutting back on "year round" schools. Some states are experimenting with letting kids leave high school after the 10th grade. CPS has to vote in the summer to prevent a lock out as they did many years ago. Once the budget is passed, the school year starts. The school year can be 365 days, does not mean that students will want to come everyday. Truancy is a big problem and CPS got rid of truant officers many years ago. Selective enrollment high schools are taking all the best students and they will not take some of the more challenging one to teach. - Sam

  • Again 1096, you keep bringing up the school year. How does the length of the school year decrease truancy? How does it help students with behavioral problems that disrupt the learning environment? Want to extend the school year, sure, I'll do it! Give me the resources and create more alternative schools for the bad kids who don't want to be there...oh no, this cost more money....shoot! - Sam

  • Again with the time off.....let it go! That is your only argument. I wish you would look at the entire picture. This proves that you are only on here to sound like a broken record and get a rise out of people responding. Stop being a coward and sign your posts! - Sam

  • sorry about that -- i let things go wandering off. i've started a new thread focused on SE notifications here --
    and copied and pasted the previous comments related to SE there, too.

  • starting around here, comments veer off into other topics and away from SE notification, but if you want to talk SE enrollment you can go here, to a new thread i've set up for this:


  • It's not like teaching is construction work, but it can be demanding. And certainly more physically and emotionally taxing than 8-10 hours a day shuffling papers in an office as a bloated bureaucrat.

  • bwahahahahahahahahah-you really crack me up.

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    It is obvious that you are not a teacher. You just don't get it. Whatever...

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    And, you are so narrow minded that you couldn't even acknowledge that I agreed with your philosophy about the school year and days being too short. Go back to school and learn how to debate. Over and out...

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    Oh, wait-I forgot to tell you that I spent another 200.00 today for supplies for my classroom. That brings my total up to about 1700.00. And, we still have 3 1/2 months left. I can guarantee you I will spend a lot more without reimbursment. Do you do that for your job? I think this makes up for the summers off.

  • If you are naive enough to assume that most or even many teachers work merely 5 hours and 10 minutes a day then you just don't have a clue. It is a well established fact that most teachers work well beyond their contractual obligations. Flail on, 1096.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Let's end it. Obviously 1096 does not want to debate. 1096 is just blabbing to get people to respond. 1096 does not want to be rational. 1096 only talks about the length of the school year and refuses to acknowledge any other problems. 1096 will always behave this way because this is the only place where 1096 can get any attention. I am sorry that you are irrational in your beliefs. Have a nice life. - Sam

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:


  • Teachers in year round schools are in unions...the school year is determined by the district leaders. CPS has some year round schools, they are in the union. You are mistaken when you say that the union is preventing this.

  • Another thing about Track E schools...they were only created to cheat the teachers out of pension payments. When teacher's don't work 5 or more days in a pay period then the board doesn't have to make pension payments. Retired principal alerted everyone a long time ago about this issue.

  • Listen, I waited tables for 18 years; I worked in an office for another six years before I decided to become a teacher. I know what work is. And, you know what, I have nearly ALL of my sick days! That's right, my students always ask me when I am going to take a day off. I tell them never.
    Being a teacher is not just standing in front of the kids. When do you expect us to prepare to teach them? Hmmm????
    While we are standing there teaching them? We do not do things off the cuff. We write lesson plans and gather materials, all of which takes time. So when you become a teacher and can speak about your experience, you need to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • What school did you go to? You have horrible grammar and spelling skills.

  • Nope, I could give a rat's behind what others think of me.

  • Don't worry, you are a very good person and everyone loves you. The world is a good place. Have a wonderful day.

  • No, teaching is not a part time job. Although I am teaching classes for 6 hours a day, I am also tutoring after school (without pay), dropping off or emailing missed work for absent students, conferring and counseling parents and families (after school and weekends--without pay), lesson planning for 6-8 hours EVERY SUNDAY, in workshops on weekends and summers (without pay), collaborating with other teachers on upcoming units or quarterly instructional maps (weeks at a time during the summer) and not to mention grading papers around the clock. Now that we have access to email and data at home, I am also spending hours away from my family communicating and aligning my instruction with student data. I spend 4-5 hours beyond the 6 hours I teach working for or with my students and their families and preparing my classroom (making copies, grading papers, developing assignments, planning field trips). 1096, this "part time perception" is an unfortunate result of a workforce who truly and unselfishly do what they do because of their internal commitment and integrity (and not for accolades or recognition of any kind). Perhaps if we had a better PR team the greater public would know that what we do lasts longer than the 6 hours we are in school.

    As it is, like Anonymous said, we are working to diminish the impact of forces that are out of our control -- language differences, students who stay home to babysit for siblings while a long out of work parent gets a temp assignment, apathy and anger because of family problems, apathy that is tied to normal adolescent behavior, and generational passive attitudes toward education and personal responsibility. We must also work within an environment that allows us less than 50% input or control over the curriculum content and focus that we are responsible for. I am constantly being mandated to teach test prep when research shows that this type of learning doesn't help students. Higher ups who haven't been inside of a classroom continue to dictate and generate reports and requests for reports to justify their jobs gobbling up valuable planning time.

    Are there bad apples? Yes. But the fact that there are should not permit you to paint the entire teaching force with the same broad brush. Increasing the school day would be an important start if that increase included meaningful minutes in core areas like reading, math and science. Additionally, social studies has been sacrificed as has health and the arts to accommodate poorly thought out test prep classes. It is only fair to pay teachers for the additional time since by adding it you are taxing the little time that we have left. The school day may end at 2:45, but a teacher's day rarely ends before 6 p.m. and is open all weekend.

  • Here's a thought-if you are so unhappy with CPS teachers, please homeschool your children. That way, you will have them in your "classroom" for 180 days, 7 or more hours per day. That would solve your dilemma. Buh-Bye...

  • I don't assume that at all. My husband, who is an engineer, brings home work all the time. What we resent are people who think that we ONLY work during the school day and we NEVER do anything during our off time. We would like the same courtesy. Our day does not end when the bell rings.

  • Well, yes-I do teach reading comprehension and what I read in your post is this, "Also you get paid for your sick days which CPS teachers use at an incredible rate." I was defending the incredible rate. You actually wrote that and I actually read it.

    No whining going on here. I know where I stand and what I stand for. I love my students and would do anything to help them. If it meant going to work for 10 more days and more hours per day, I would do it for the salary that I am paid right now. Let me ask you this-Are you willing to do that for your job? Basically, that is the entire argument. You want teachers to do something you (or the public) would most likely not do yourself-work more for less wages.

    Just remember, I am not the entire union.

  • Here, here! We are damned if we do and damned if we don't for EVERYTHING!

  • Talk To the hand.

    I would like to clear up a few misconceptions that some of the posters here have
    have tried, over and over again, to leave us with.
    My school is open from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm every day. Kids are using the school
    during that entire time. Classes begin at 7:50 and last until 2:40.After that students
    can take advantage of sports, clubs, tutoring, gallery 37,night school, and of course
    the library. The opportunity to avail yourself of any of these enrichment programs
    is a personal choice.
    A lot of my kids leave school at 1:40 every day so they can get to work. In this
    Day and age some kids are the sole supporters of their families and they skip
    lunch to get to UPS or Burger King for an extra hour.
    Everyone knows our school calendar was based on a farm economy .However
    For generations this system has been successful in education our youth. If the
    Length of a school year was the dominant factor in education I would not
    Be writing this, because my catholic grade school year began the day after Labor
    Day and ended June 1st every year we were off for all the holidays plus a few
    for some saints. Check out the calendar of colleges if you think the length of a term
    is too short. The length of a school day is a different matter.
    Students in my high school are in class eight periods a day. The average student
    Must take English, Science, Math, History ,PE, and lunch every day.Kids can choose
    A few elective classes like art or drafting or music but in most cases
    even these classes are picked for them by the programmer. Gone are the
    Shop classes Home Economics and almost every other class that a kid not going
    To college might come to school to learn. This Idea of the never ending school
    Is a result of several factors.
    The city streets, in my part of town, are not safe while the schools are as secure
    As the court houses so just lock them in all day. Schools have become an extension
    of city government where the unwashed are kept hidden from view, and education
    just a minor problem, after all Northside Prep god bless them is doing just fine.
    So if anyone wants to complain about the school day or school year just talk to the hand.

    I am BOB can't figure out new system yet

  • and students go to mass DURING the schol day!

  • File a grievance! A teacher was with her sick child is acceptable use of A days by CPS Policy. The CAO will be admonished AFTER the grievance is filled.

  • You screwed up a thread that was important with you complaint about short school days and school year. That is all that you have to contribute? This is about all you can do for 5 days......very sad.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I meant 4 days. Damn sausage fingers!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I received my daughters over the weekend. She did not get into either of the classical schools I selected (MCDade and POE). She got a 127, which they tell me is above average. So I have to wait and see if kids who did get in dont want their spots. Then they may contact me. I'm so sad about this.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    teachrmom, I am curious how you got your classical scores, when those scores won't even be released from OAE for another few weeks?
    And anonymous 1:40, parents don't want/need an exclusive school, they just want schools that are good enough. Meaning 90% or above are meeting state standards. And another 50% are exceeding. Why pour money down the drain at a neighborhood school that will take years and years to improve?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Ah, never mind, I see these are posts from a year ago. 127 is not near high enough to get into a classical school. Most kids I know who got in scored in the 150's.

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