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Last-Minute Reprieves For Prescott and Marconi

Wow — two more last-minute reprieves, according to a press release just sent out by CPS (below).  Austin, Lincoln Park schools spared Sun Times Huberman said Deneen and McCorkle are “the two bottom performers” among the 29 TAP schools and others are “lined up” to replace them. Board of Education Considers School Closings. WBEZ“I guess... Read more »

Honor Roll For Jones, Sheridan, & 137 Other CPS Schools

FROM ISBE:  “This year, five schools won both the Spotlight Schools award and the Academic Excellence Award. Among them is a Chicago high school, Jones College Preparatory which has made the Honor Roll more than any school in the state with 12 awards since the Honor Roll began in 2003. Sheridan Elementary Math & Science... Read more »

A New Principal For LPHS

Lincoln Park Now says that the LSC is in the early stages of looking for a new principal but doesn’t have very much specific information.  Is Karvalas coming out of her contract?  Is this going to be a pro forma search or are they unlikely to renew her? 

AM News: Huberman Promises Changes

CEO vows to change school-closing process  Sun TimesBombarded with complaints from aldermen about the way schools are targeted for closings, Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman vowed Monday to bring the community into the process earlier. Chicago can improve school closings process, schools chief saysChicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman defended the planned closing of several... Read more »

Special Protections For Sports Programs?

“In a city that so recently sought to showcase itself to the world as a sports mecca by hosting the 2016 Olympics, it is incumbent on the CPS administration not to balance the budget on the backs of coaches and athletes who already have a tough go of it.”— Chicago Sun Times reporter Mike Clark

Site News: You Really Like "Open" (Anonymous) Commenting

The return of open / anonymous commenting seems to be a big success — thanks to everyone who’s weighed in over the past few days, especially on the weekend open thread (here) Click below for a walk-through of how the new system works (it’s super easy). Thanks again! Here’s the link to click if you... Read more »

AM News: Big Week Ahead

Critical Week Ahead for City School Reform NYT“The process — from recommendation to the Board of Education vote — is probably no more than a month,” said Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd Ward), who co-sponsored the resolution in response to complaints of too little community involvement. “That’s unfair.” Chicago Public Schools Board will vote to close... Read more »

Best Elementary / Middle Special Education Programs?

We read lots about bad SPED programs in Chicago but now here’s a chance to talk about good ones.  The mom of a 10 year old boy writes in that she’s moving to Chicago and is looking for a strong special education program for her son, who’s been diagnoses with Asperger’s, a form of autism. ... Read more »

Is Your Public School "Private"?

Folks at the right-leaning Fordham Foundation point out in a recent report that there are lots of public schools that serve mostly middle and upper-income families (PDF) and enroll disproportionately white and Asian students, including a bunch in the Chicago area (and one single CPS school, Edison, which the foundation says has less than 5... Read more »

A Detailed Defense Of First Class

Here’s a thought-provoking comment posted recently on the blog defending FirstClass and the limitations on the use of non-CPS software that were of such an issue at the start of the year: “I dunno. This AUP sounds a lot like most AUPs created by large school districts. The expectation that teachers and other employees will... Read more »