Baccellieri To Head Controversial Pulaski IB Program

“Pat is the most sought-after
principal in Chicago, and his signing is a tremendous accomplishment
for the Pulaski community.”
(Pulaski IB 2010)


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  • Anonymous posters and their snark. Low income kids were not kicked out. They were all grandfathered in and the school remains a minority majority school with a substantial percentage of low income students. This is in fact the first year that the "new" boundaries were in place k-8. Since ISATS don't start until 3rd grade and Pat took over a school that was "redone" starting in k-1 only with a year added each year, the "new" kids plus the gifted had no effect on theschool report card for three years (scores lagging a year in reporting) and after that due to low class sizes in the pioneer gifted classes (the current 7th that started in kindergarten has only 16 students) while the gifted students helped the scores would never have reached what they did without vast improvement in the test scores for what the snarkers here refer to as the "poor black kids." On the contrary, that was the very group whose acadmeic achievement showed remarkable improvement under Pat. So as they say, the snarkers are entitled to their own opinions wrong as they may be, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

  • The IB program at Pulaski is on a roll. I went to the information session and it sounds like they have a pretty solid plan. Lots of capital improvements too to make the school more functional. They have the lower grades in a smaller building on the same campus which is interesting. It gives the school a two dimensional feel with the primary housed in the smaller building. All in all I liked what was said by the principal . I am not from Bucktown but was able to get my child in through the lottery. ARe there any other families out there going to Pulaski IB?

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