Police Report Reveals Undisclosed City Hall Meeting Scheduled


Just a few days after City Hall named a replacement for deceased board president Michael Scott, word came out via the Sun Times that a previously undisclosed meeting with Jackie Heard [had the been scheduled for] the morning after his suicide.

Michael Scott’s suicide came as meeting on expenses loomed Sun Times
hours before he was found dead, city School Board President Michael W.
Scott got a Sunday-morning call from a top aide to Mayor Daley to
schedule a meeting about questionable expenses that Scott and his staff
had charged to board credit cards.

Daley says no connection between meeting and Scott’s suicide Tribune
Saturday, Heard said she called Scott the morning of Nov. 15 and made
an appointment to meet the next morning with Scott to talk about
district Inspector General James Sullivan’s ongoing inquiry.


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  • "that Scott had a previously undisclosed meeting with Jackie Heard the morning after his suicide". That must have been one morbid meeting.

  • You dance with the devil....

  • thanks for the correction -- sorry about that.

  • the mayor tried to bluster his way past questions about michael scott's death and the timing of a city hall meeting --

    Daley disputes link between investigation and Scott suicide

    Mayor Richard Daley on Saturday angrily denied that his longtime friend Michael Scott's suicide was related to an investigation into the Chicago school board president's use of a district-issued credit card or a City Hall meeting set up to talk about the probe.

    Daley "Sorry" for Journalists Investigating Scott Death
    Mayor Daley thinks the Sun-Times' questions into the death of Michael Scott and a meeting he was supposed to have with the mayor's office on the day he died are "totally irresponsible."

    here's some video to go along with the print coverage

  • when guilty as sin, mayor eternal attacks the press--this is how the mayor acts when he hides/is untruthful--like when Ron repeats, "and then" and "right" over and over. MS had $100,000 left to his name--a faked(?)MS laptop was turned over to the feds, he was facing the black hole and went down it. mayor eternal should use this opportunity to clean-up, but he does not know how to do this. It is NOT in his DNA.

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