News: Funding Cuts, Board Meeting Followup

Chicago schools brace for loss of Reading First funds
merits of Reading First–the $1 billion per year early literacy program
created under No Child Left Behind–have been the subject of national
debate, but local literacy experts and officials say the program has
had some success here and are lamenting its imminent disappearance.

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Chicago to measure kindergarten readiness
students for kindergarten is the paramount goal of preschool programs.
At a conference Thursday, a Chicago Public Schools official will
introduce the district’s most ambitious initiative yet to gauge whether
preschools are succeeding at that task.

Unfiltered: Chicago Board of Education Monthly Meeting

Blow by blow from WBEZ

Board Meeting Debrief WBEZ
Linda Lutton debriefs us on Wednesday’s Chicago Board of Education meeting.

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  • kindergarten test prep. labeling and discrimination at the beginning of the school career is probably a good idea so the child get acclimated to the system early on and does not get confused about right or wrong: or the need for a nurturing environment to naturally grow and learn.


    here is a good idea. take a survey of all the central office administrators and school administrators and see if they send their children to neighborhood schools or give their kindergarten children test prep.

  • sun times is reporting that the mayor's named a new board prez -- another longtime loyalist:,school-board-president-daley-scott-lowry-012810.article

  • LOVE how Ron cowtowed and gave lots of attention to white Keller, but fluffed off everyone else who wants to stop their poor scoring, low income, black schools from closing. Look at McCorkle--what are they thinking? Or Gillespie--all that postiive change, but a few white high scoring students at Keller get undivided and direct attention, even an invitation to the table !

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Keller is multi-cultural- 42.1% black, 39.1% white, and 18.8 Hispanic and Asian.
    Please don't make it a race issue. Did the other parents of these schools ban together and collectively decide to take action?

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Yes!! Low income parents have taken action FOR YEARS! Begging CPS NOT to close them down only to shuffle their kids from school to school. Where have you been? Don't you even know about Edicaon last year? Not surprised you are from Keller--why should any of you come out from your golden rock. And don't tout your racial stats--(it's about low income),-your students should feel at home at 81st and LaSalle! There is a regional gifted center there with (shocking) white kids! Still waiting to hear how your 'community' would be willing to share with the Mt. Greenwod students to relieve their academic pain and help their progress. (omg--share with them? ) Please....

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Thank you PACT! This is the text of the fax to all principals:
    January 25, 2010

    Dear Principal:

    This letter is to clarify my correspondence of January 4, 2010, concerning meetings at the schools.

    Please be aware that the Chicago Teachers Union

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Not enough. marilyn should pay all the costs out of pocket not on the union dime for her violation of the members union rights.

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Pension Board sues Northern Trust over huge investment losses
    The Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF) along with the Atlanta City Firefighters Fund has filed a class action lawsuit against Northern Trust. The lawsuit charges that Northern Trust, which had a reputation as a conservative . . .§ion=Article

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    the hiring criteria was tailored for the desired candidate

    Watchdog sees 'constant' danger of illegal hiring at City Hall

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Duncan: Katrina Was The "Best Thing" for New Orleans School System
    The best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina. That education system was a disaster. And it took Hurricane Katrina to wake up the community to say that we have to do better.

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Here's a great story by Lutton on City Room

  • In reply to thinkbeforeacting:

    Another expense that should be questioned is how much money is McKinsey and Company getting to study the "violence" problem with CPS Students?

  • People! This is ALL about REN10--CPS has no money because they blew it all on Ren10 schools and on cars and credit cards. So there is no choice but to close neighborhood schools to pay for this mess.

  • A waste of taxpayer money!!! Mandating bogus assessments seems to be contagious in Chicago Public Schools. This is the refuge of incompetent program administrators. Sick! No one does this in the best public school districts around the world. Crazy!

  • Washington HS--why so many warning resolutions against tenured teachers there?

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