AM News: Hubbard Shooting, Closing Resistance

Student shot and wounded outside high school
15-year-old student was shot and seriously wounded as he left Hubbard
High School this afternoon after taking an exam, school officials said.
The boy, a freshman, was walking near the rear of the school at 6200 S.
Hamlin Avenue when he was shot in…

Boy, 15, shot near school Sun Times

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A Hubbard High School freshman was shot near the Southwest Side school Tuesday afternoon and collapsed in a school parking lot.

Why Parents Fight to Keep “Failing” Schools Open
Public Schools begins a series of public hearings tomorrow on plans to
revamp or close 14 schools. Some of them are under-enrolled. Others are
being targeted for chronic low performance. Despite that stigma, many
parents are fighting fiercely to keep open their children’s failing
schools. WBEZ looks at why.

Mentoring Progam Aims to Help CPS Girls WBEZ

Public Schools has committed to spending millions of dollars for
mentoring troubled students. WBEZ’s Natalie Moore reports on one group
of women who are stepping in with their own mentoring program for young

The Role Probation Plays in Keeping Kids out of Jail WBEZ

County juvenile probation director Michael Rohan and Paula Wolff,
former task force member of juvenile justice transition team, discuss
the role of probation in keeping kids out of jail and prison.

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  • anyone else getting (or writing) these kinds of letters?

    To The Residents of Chicago:

    I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My name is Kara Crutcher, and I once was a student at Guggenheim Elementary School located on 71st and Morgan in the Englewood community.

    Unfortunately, I recently found out that CPS is planning to close my elementary school in addition to 30 other elementary and high schools across Chicago. Immediately after I was informed of the situation regarding these schools, I informed every single person on campus from the greater Chicago area. After looking through the list of schools, many of us were able to point out teachers, students, and families, all of which have close connections to many of the schools up for questioning. I contacted as many people as possible, because in my opinion, it is important that we do something to assist the education crisis back home and even more importantly, we take action to keep as many of these schools open as possible. African American neighborhoods are being disproportionally targeted and closing their schools is not the answer to lacking test scores and increasing student drop out rates. Students have to relocate schools, and depending on their family situation, their living conditions, and their neighborhoods, several issues arise which complicate what seems to be an "easy transfer" to another school. I have been working against this problem for some time now, however, it became much more personal when I found out that my school was planning to be closed. It is very hard to remain connected to issues back home as a college student; however, they are still present and will continue to affect people in our lives until we do something about it. Guggenheim became more than a school in that it was a place of warmth, friendliness, and security amongst the dangers that surrounded its doors. I do not want those children to walk six or more blocks to attend Altgeld School or Hinton School. It is not safe due to gang violence. Please vouch to keep Guggenheim School open. It is important to remember that there are brilliant children that come out of that school, and when we give up hope that they can succeed, they lose hope as well. We must take action to keep schools open, and I will not rest until I contact every person I know for support, email every representative in Chicago, and call every single Board of Education member in order to show the importance of keeping Guggenheim Elementary and every other school on that list open.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Kara Crutcher
    Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in English and French Studies
    University of Pennsylvania
    Class of 2012

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