A New Board Chair For Chicago Schools

Daley names former building chief to School Board Catalyst
has worked for Daley in one way or another for 10 years. In 1992, she
started as assistant corporation counsel with the city’s law department
and left the city workforce in 2002 after serving as building

Daley taps Richardson-Lowry for Chicago school board chief Tribune
product of public schools in Compton, Calif., Richardson-Lowry said it
is important to create “a safe environment” for children to learn.

Mayor Daley appoints new School Board president Sun Times
In 2006, Richardson-Lowry led the transition team for embattled County Board President Todd Stroger.

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  • Retired Principal said: According to Ron Huberman, CEO for the Chicago Public Schools, 38 high schools or campuses have been identified by CPS, as having 80% of the students most at-risk of becoming either a victim of violence or a violent offender. During the 2008-2009 school year there were 116,000 acts of misconduct incidents recorded at CPS. There were 143 CPS students shot last school year and this year there have been 102 students shot. These 38 high schools are a part of the "Culture of Calm program", which teaches students a combination of things, such as self-respect, anger managerment, problem solving and discipline. Here is the list of CPS high schools that are not a part of the "Culture of Calm program", because they are already calm and safe according to Ron Huberman: All charter high schools, all contract high schools, all magnet high schools, all military academy high schools, all selective enrollment high schools and all special education high schools. The neighborhood high schools are Amundsen, Hancock, Juarez, Kennedy, Kenwood, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Mather, North-Grand, Roosevelt, Schurz, Senn, Steinmetz and Taft. The career academy high school is Prosser. The small high schools are Alcott, Austin Polytech, Chicago Academy, Collins, Raby, V.O.I.S.E. and William Prep. Teachers and ESP's, if you work at one of these high schools, you already have a culture of calm and you are working at a safe school!

  • It was nice to hear that Ms. Richardson-Lowry pledged to review district spending as one of her first orders of business, including the appropriate use of board credit cards. But in my opinion this needs to be done as a formal process though a public budget audit subcommittee of the Board. So it would be even nicer to hear that the new Board President is going to make a motion to the Board to re-establish that body. It should also be noted that Linda Lutton yesterday on WBEZ reported that the CPS Board again voted to keep suppressed all minutes of closed sessions of the Board going back to 1995. That is hard to call the beginning of a new era of transparency.

    I did like this from the Tribune article:

    For many years, the Mayor has been closing the barn door after the horse was out; this is really a very old song.

    Rod Estvan

  • This section disappeared from my last post:

    Daley said that he will tell her[Richardson-Lowry] to get to the bottom of accusations that there have been "spending improprieties at the board." "I'd ask Mary to immediately get on top of this so all our taxpayers see that they are all protected," Daley said. "There cannot be any question about this. Taxpayers must be protected at all times, at every level. They must have the confidence in the board, Chicago Public Schools spending policies and priorities. This includes managers, board members and executives.

  • cluster of incompetence. how low can he go? daley is at bottom of the barrel now in drafting bodies to fill positions in his cluster of incompetance.

    Education experience
    In her prepared statement, Lowry-Richardson said her mother was a teacher and an administrator. She went to public schools in Compton, California. She lives in the Jackson Highlands neighborhood of South Shore.

    i read about the appointment if a non-educator to be interim superintendent of haiwaii schools her experience:

    Other than being the daughter of a public school teacher and a graduate from public schools in Hilo, Matayoshi does not have a professional education background.

    and the corruption problem isn't the 3000k credit card bill but the billions daley gives away top his friends in the form of business and compensation through backdoor deals. the credit cards are a diversion from the real theft and corruption. people should start looking at all the sweat heart real estate deals cps makes selling properties for less than value and then paying 10x market and assessed value for new properties.

    john kugler

  • Corruption Continues in the Cluster of Incompetence

    Daley's dilemma: Clash over control of hiring
    ANALYSIS | His choice: compliance chief vs. inspector general
    January 29, 2010
    Daley created the Office of Compliance in 2007 because he didn't trust then-Inspector General David Hoffman, who had repeatedly embarrassed Daley. It won't be easy for him to admit that he made a $4 million-a-year mistake.

    Daley might not relish turning hiring over to an inspector general's office that is suing his administration to gain access to information needed to investigate a contract with a former top mayoral aide.

  • Daley is an old dog up to the same dirty tricks. Sorry, hiring a political Machine hack is not a good sign. Maybe Richardson-Lowry will develop a conscious. NOT! Side note: Even with African American as presidents of the CBOE, the African American community has been abused on so many levels by CPS. Criminal!

  • Daley says no connection between meeting and Scott's suicide.
    Mayor Richard Daley angrily denied Saturday that his longtime friend Michael Scott's suicide was related to an investigation into the Chicago school board president's use of a district-issued credit card or a City Hall meeting set up to talk about the probe.

  • My father was a lawyer, which qualifies me for .... nothing.

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