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Board Could "Adjust" (ie, Cut) Neighborhood Magnet Acceptances

Watch out, white families who live near popular magnet schools and whose kids test well.  Their spots might get taken away at the last minute if not enough poor, low-scoring black and brown kids get in.  After several days of frustrating confusion and ambiguity, Board spokesperson Monique Bond finally clarified the whole “gut check” issue:... Read more »

Bright Start Losses Mount As Settlement Announced

Losses in Bright Start are nearly twice what treasurer’s office announced Tribune Illinois’ Bright Start college savings funds lost nearly twice as much as state officials have previously announced — about $150 million — the… Oppenheimer reaches agreement with Illinois over 529 fund losses Investment News The state of Illinois has reached a settlement in... Read more »

"Don't Bring A Gun To A Snowball Fight"

To me, this video is all about bad classroom management.  This guy does everything a teacher could do wrong, all in the space of five minutes.  He loses his temper, engages with his hecklers, makes empty threats, and escalates the situation,and eventually becomes the offender. Watch and learn, teachers, and make this your motto:  “Don’t... Read more »

Misdeeds Galore In Annual Inspector's Report

School Board sues lawmaker over rent Sun TimesThe new annual report by Schools Inspector General James Sullivan indicates Davis has been occupying the board-owned building for at least 14 years but hasn’t paid any rent there for the last seven. CPS Inspector General Releases 2009 Report WBEZ The biggest lot of cases stem from CPS... Read more »

Blogger's Posting Removed - Who Cares?

Over at The Beachwood Reporter, independent blogger Steve Rhodes says that he has had some content taken down from his paid NBC Chicago blog — including some incidental content about Michael Scott’s death– and has quit the gig in response to what he perceives as editorial meddling.  Michael Miner and Vocalo/WBEZ have followed up on... Read more »

Monday, Money, Mayhem, Murder

Unit 140 skeptical of new federal program offering funding for schools Crump estimated that if Illinois would take $200 million, 56 percent would go to Chicago public schools. City Schools’ New Criteria for Diversity Raise Fears NYT In 2001, the [San Francisco] school system switched from an approach using race to one that considers five... Read more »

Are You "Pocho"?

If there were an Italian word for pocho, I would be that.  What is pocho?  No one really agrees, and I’m not sure the term is used much in Chicago.  I read about it in a book about Los Angeles in which it was used to describe kids who’d lost their full Mexican identity but... Read more »

Good News For Higgins Community Academy

Looking around desperately for some good news, I thought I’d pass along this press release about computers going to Higgins Community Academy: “HP and the NBA today announced the six regional first-place winners of the HP Digital Assist education grant competition. In Chicago, Thomas J. Higgins Elementary Community Academy (CPS) was selected as the first-place... Read more »

"Gut Check" Confusion [updated]

Last week it was reported in Catalyst (here) that that Ron Huberman was going to do a “gut check” on the results of the revised magnet admissions plan to make sure that it wasn’t going to resegregate schools that are among the only desegregated ones in the city and — it seemed — make sure... Read more »

White House Tries To Brainwash Schoolchildren (Again)

Last time, it was the Obama “back to school” speech.  This time, it’s Christmas ornaments sent from the White House to schoolchildren around the nation.  The Obama administration is again trying to manipulate vulnerable schoolchildren into forsaking all that is good and right about America.  Thankfully the Daily Show has exposed the socialist plot in... Read more »