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I just did a segment on WGN’s ChicagoNow Radio — fun talking with host Bill Leff about who’s going to be the replacement for Scott, what the biggest challenge facing CPS is right now, and why I blog a bout Chicago from Brooklyn.  But that’s not the only thing going on.  Here’s a quick media roundup to let you know what some of the other outlets are writing about of late, with a thumbnail assessment.  Let me know if I miss anything big, or if you liked (or hated) one of the articles in particular.
Here are a few:


The Chicago Current has
opened where the old Chi-Town Daily News once stood, with much the same
freelance coverage of CPS.  Katy Yeiser has articles on the Scott
remembrances here and the addition of new charter schools here
It’s pretty thin stuff, as it often was in the past, but certainly
better than nothing.  There’s an Adrian Uribarri story about the
Civitas charter unionization process here.  The site is a little more focused on politics (and a lot less focused on building community or sharing links, far as I can tell).  Better, worse, or about the same?


Over at Substance, there are a slew of new articles including this one about a Medill scoop (Chicago ‘youth violence’ statistics uncovered by Medill journalism students), this one slamming ChicagoNow for putting a Hooters ad up on this site (Hooters ad),
and — most interesting — a story about Michael Scott’s absence at
some key CPS events in the weeks leading up to his death (Why was Daley marginalizing Michael Scott?). It’s not a conspiracy theory if it really happened, right?


During the back and forth about Catalyst’s newest product, a parent newsletter, founder and publisher Linda Lenz let slip that Catalyst
is going to launch a policy-oriented product and start an online
community as well.  A revamped website is coming, too.  Check Lenz’s
update here
and keep telling Catalyst what you think they should and shouldn’t do. 
After years of arguing that Catalyst should be quicker and spicier, my
latest notion for them is that they should go in a more natural
direction for them transform into a research and advocacy shop like
Research For Action in Philadelphia.  But that’s just me.


Last but not least, there’s the new Chicago News Cooperative, which has included few education-related articles in its first few weeks.  This one about private fundraising at Edison
II will raise a lot of hackles because it’s so obviously a haves vs.
have-nots type of solution. So too may this second article about the
challenges faced by the police department in combating gang violence,
which comes off to me as a little to sympathetic to the Weis side of
things.  Poor police, they have to adapt.  Criminals are so much
smarter in Chicago than they are in other cities.

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  • So, why do you blog about Chicago from your Brooklyn outpost?

  • It helps mask Alexander's occasional empathy deficit disorder by making it seem like a little bit of geographical detachment

  • I don't think it's fair to suggest that Catalyst should be wearing sensible shoes because it isn't "spicy and quick".

  • Are parents starting to say 'no' to charters?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    One can only hope. And hope parents get engaged with their neighborhood school!

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