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ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 29 00.21Here’s
a roundup of some of the most interesting posts I could find for you to
check out from other blogs and sites I don’t check daily.

Some (Green Parent Chicago, Vocalo) are somewhat new; others (CPS Obsessed, Marshfield Tattler) are familiar.  (That guy from Chicago Examiner is intense, agree with him or not.)

Let me know if I’m missing any sites you like to read and I’ll try to track those, too.

Chavez News Marshfield Tattler
Rivera is the interim principal at Chavez Elementary…[Rivera] was
the founding principal at Ames Middle School in Logan Square, where she
was highly regarded. I’m glad someone with strong middle school
experience is at the helm at Chavez, even temporarily.

Predominately White school districts: Beware of this boring news Chicago Examiner
is a pattern to racial change in a school or a school district that is
a predictable as a train rolling down a railroad track. Still, suburban
and semi-rural school districts will ignore the crossing signs and get
blasted by the train.

Chicago Homeschool Holiday Craft Fair Green Parent Chicago
of Chicago area homeschool groups will participate in a Homeschool
Holiday Craft Fair next month at the Ethical Humanist Society at 7574
N. Lincoln Ave. in Skokie. The fair is free and takes place: Friday
December 4.

Those New Yorkers will pay for anything (Test Prep for Kiddies) CPS Obsessed
the commenter who recently asked whether parents actually try to prep
kids for testing before Kindergarten — in NYC the answer is yes.

Vallas goes viral PURE
(I think) to Mike Klonsky at Small Talk for sharing the news that Paul
Vallas is trying to win a contract to run 35 L.A. schools for Synesi, a
consulting firm he is connected with.

Proposed new buddy movie: `Rev. Meeks and Mr. Tea’ Eric Zorn

gubernatorial candidate Dan “Mr. Tea” Proft released a statement
following his meeting yesterday with Democratic State Sen. James Meeks,
a South Side pastor.

Education of students affected by foreclosure  Vocalo

The study, “The Effects of Foreclosure on Children and Schools,” will
link property-level foreclosure data to the home addresses schools have
on file for their students. 


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