Is Kenwood Mentoring Program A Model?


On Tuesday, current and former Kenwood Academy “Brotherhood” members, plus counselor Shelby Wyatt, held a book signing for their newly released book, “The Brotherhood” at Kenwood Academy High School.

Catalyst’s Sarah Karp was there, noting among other things that the program might be good for violence prevention (Kenwood Academy mentoring group provides model for CPS to follow).

What do you think?  What’s your experience been?  Are school-based mentoring and peer support programs like The Brotherhood likely to be effective for other CPS schools?

I wonder if Wyatt was one of the 30 outfits who applied to the Crime Lab for youth violence prevention funding, and what the researchers there thought about the program.


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  • I can't speak highly enough about the dedication of Dr. Wyatt and the impressive young men who comprise the Kenwood Brotherhood. The first time I sat in on a Brotherhood meeting was back in 2007 when I was teaching at a nearby CPS high school. It was a Friday afternoon at about 3pm and I was astounded to walk into a room packed with 35 young men! They spent the afternoon having "real talk" conversations- facilitated and led by students- covering everything from time management and goal-setting to business dress and interviewing skills to money and relationships. When I attended just last week- they even brought in mentors from Northwestern to work with students in on public speaking skills- talk about positive peer pressure!

    Because CPS FUNDING HAS BEEN CUT ENTIRELY FOR THE BROTHERHOOD- Dr. Wyatt usually pays out-of-pocket to order pizzas every week or to cover bus fare when students visit college campuses or hear professional speakers. Now over 20 different elementary and high schools across CPS have implemented programs modeled after Kenwood

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