Huberman Warns Staffers To Stay Out Of Union Campaign

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Check out this (PDF) one-page memo sent out by Ron Huberman, Patrick Rocks, and the rest of the band, warning CPS employees not to campaign during work hours or using school computers.

I’ve never seen a memo like this during previous election campaigns.  Have you?

Which side do you think Board employees might be weighing in on? 

I just like the picture.  Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z performing “New York.”


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  • Huberman violates contract and labor law with this directive.

    Union Delegates have the right to post and distribute any documents as long as they sign it.

    The board/management is not to be involved in internal union politics this violates the right to organize and have a democratic union.

    The huberman memo is a threat to take actions against union members for their rights to organize.

    The letter supports the ruling political party of the union. This is collusion to discipline union members for their union activity because they oppose the group in power.

    Union members are the union, so whatever they do represents the union.

    John Kugler

  • The memo doesn't prevent posting or distributing. The memo prohibits campaigning during school hours -- so, no, you cannot take your planning period and print up campaign fliers or talk to staff. You can do that afterschool. You can print your flier afterschool.

    Nothing about this is anti-union. It's anti-wasting-time-children-could-be-learning by prohibiting school day campaigning.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Huh? The memo clearly states "No campaign related material from any source or any candidate should be posted, faxed, duplicated or distributed to school staff." So clearly, you are wrong.

    Further, your accusation that teachers are "wasting time children could be learning" by campaigning during the school day sounds like teacher-bashing.


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    We get a similar email around the time of most election. I really don't see the big deal. When you're at work you should be doing only CPS business. Not, on-line shopping, on the phone with your real broker, catching up the latest celebrity gossip, etc. As far as I know people have the right to organize, but not to make your employer pay you while your organizing and provide you resources to do so.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    We do have a lunch period during the school day.

    No one is arguing that there should be no campaigning during working hours (and that goes for prep periods!).

    The point is that the Union under Marilyn Stewart is colluding with Management under the direction of Ron Huberman to hinder communication among teachers when that communication has anything to do with union elections. This is an overt endorsement of and unfair advantage to the incumbent union administration.

    If you've ever seen the First Class discussion boards, there is lots of content that is not "Board-related." Apartments to rent; puppies or other pets available; solicitations to purchase a variety of goods and services; discussions of state and national politics, including partisan elections; and even match-making and personal relations hookups. (Actually, until recently the only post I remember seeing deleted was one where an AP was writing to a friend offering to fix him up with some white girls who like black men. Sometimes, people don't understand the difference between personal e-mail messages and the discussion boards.)

    With all of the inappropriate content that is not being censored, it just seems unfair to me that the Board has chosen this one particular area to punish offenders. The threat of sanctions according to the Employee Discipline Code include suspension without pay and dismissal.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    First, I want to say thank you very much to all the CTU Members who voted against the three referendum issues on November 20th. The Coalition For A Strong Democratic Union (CSDU) deeply appreciates your support in the process to regain control of our union and bring true democracy and transparency back to our great union. You sent a strong message to the CTU President that it is a time for a change.

    Against the tremendous resources of the CTU, we nearly defeated those unfair referenda. Nearly 17,000 votes were cast for referendum items 2 and 3. These two referendum items each passed by a margin of less than 1,500 votes. That is a margin of less that 5% between the Yes and No votes.

    In spite of the fact that many schools lacked CTU Delegates and the voting was conducted by CTU Field Representatives and CTU Administrators, we still we

  • In reply to JohnMoran:

    Pretty sure other caucuses beyond the CSDU were involved as well, yes? Voting against the referenda was not a show of support for the CSDU, though you can keep on believing that if you sih.

    Two of the major leaders of CSDU were engaging in and supporting the same types of decision making, manipulations, and tactics the CSDU now opposes. How are these leaders and the CSDU suddenly in favor of democracy and transparency when so very recently these two primary leaders were in cahoots with the current administration for 5 years? If true democracy and transparency is what the current leaders of CSDU supported when they were in power at the Union, well, thanks but no thanks. Tainted and crooked are the kindliest terms that comes to mind...

  • In reply to JohnMoran:

    John Moran asks

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Mr. Huberman has chosen his side and is doing what he can to hinder the opposition.

    I notice that when writing that materials placed in faculty mail boxes must be official correspondence from the union, Huberman selectively leaves out the remainder of the clause: "or signed by the school delegate."

    But that opens up further complications based upon the political inclinations of the school delegate. I can choose to sign and distribute materials only for the caucus I support, or for all caucuses who supply me with their literature.

    In the past, the election rules (not the Contract) have stated that the delegate shall place all campaign literature in the boxes. I wonder if this will still remain in the rules for the coming election. My understanding is that the Rules & Elections committee is comprised of 28 UPC supporters and only 2 persons affiliated with other caucuses.

    I certainly understand the proscription on using resources that are paid for by CPS: paper, copiers, toner, printers and other duplicating machines, and the school mail run. Candidates should be expected to pay their own way, including postage.

    My understanding of the USPS is that mail delivered by the post office must be delivered as addressed. People who interfere with the delivery of USPS mail by tossing it into the garbage can, for instance, are violating federal law and can be investigated by the FBI.

    Of course, it's not the snail mail that has Marilyn Stewart and her sycophants worried. That costs money. They're worried about the First Class communications software the Board provides for its attorney. I can write a post critical of "Mumbles" Marilyn and send it to the Employee Wide discussion board (with potentially thousands of readers), and it doesn't cost me a penny.

    As many of us have already discovered, the "Law Department" (no one signs a name) has been deleting posts and sending warning notices to their writers. Further, the unsigned censors do not provide any guidance on just what is and is not allowable.

    I understand some people may be upset by seeing posts on the discussion board. (They cannot be deleted by anyone other than the sender--and the CPS censors.) But it really irks me that using the Board e-mail is also proscribed. These are messages that the receiver can simply delete based upon the sender's name and subject tag-line.

    So, what? Instead of using my CPS First Class account, I can simply use my personal e-mail account and send campaign literature to others on First Class, right? That's problematic, too. CPS e-mail addresses are First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Name (and that's just where there are no people with the same name). If you don't know a person's first or middle names, then you can't derive the correct e-mail address. Within FC, if I start typing a teacher's last name, the address book will suggest names and even show what school the person is at. But you cannot look up an e-mail address, even from a message you have received from that person. Thus, it's very difficult to use your own e-mail account to send a message to another teacher (unless you know their address).

    I'm sure the "complaints" Huberman claims the Board has received have come from Marilyn supporters and Marilyn herself. And Humberman has chosen which side he is on.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Drats! I keep forgetting to sign these posts.


  • LOL- This happeniend the last time Stewart ran for CTU pres. Everyone knows that this is the CPS way of supporting her and persuading teachers and staff to vote for her again. They like Stewart at CPS--they don't want any smart thinkers who are forthright to negotiate with. They don't want anyone assertive to defend or speak up for teachers. CPS just wants Stewart to be the CTU pres. Sorry CPS; teachers are smart enough to see through your 'iron curtain.'

  • so your lunch you can not talk?

    so your prep you can not talk.

    so your email can not send what you think is best for your working conditions.

    so your delegate can not be from the opposition.

    why does the board even send out a memo about union business?

    answer: your union working with your employer to keep you frightened.

    remember the hit list is coming out soon.


    have a good thanksgiving.

  • Violation of Article 2-1. In accordance with the laws of the United States and State of Illinois and the established policies and practices of the BOARD and the UNION, there shall be no discrimination against any teacher or other bargaining unit member on the basis of race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or membership or participation in, or association with the activities of, the UNION. The BOARD and the UNION shall work affirmatively to the end that each student may have the educational advantage of an integrated school.

  • Huberman should do the honorable thing and resign! No vote for Marilyn in 2010. Huberman wants the status quo with Marilyn in power so that he can continue to do what he wants. Agreed. Ren 2010 and CPS is the new PATRONAGE heaven for Daley cronies.

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