Admissions, Summer School, Murals, & More

Public schools look to change admissions policy Defender
public meetings will take place this month to better inform parents
about the proposed changes, said Monique Bond, director of
communications for CPS. If approved the changes would take effect Jan.
1 and would undergo a one-year review.

Summer School for Morgan Park? ChicagoTalks
far, only one CPS high school is on track scheduling, but many are
starting to consider the change.

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Artist helps CPS students build a mural-mystery
over a painting on her desk in Room 214 of Daniel Boone Elementary
School, Alexis, an eighth-grader, explained her illustrated theory
about what, exactly, is hiding in the janitor’s closet on the school’s
second floor.

Huberman will need help from corporate partners to make anti-violence effort work
corporate and civic leaders don’t seem to have anything to build at the
moment. But that likely won’t be true for very long.
Ron Huberman, CEO of the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools, has been
laying the groundwork for months for an…

Not beyond race
Tribune (letter to the editor)
After years of active involvement in assuring compliance with the
consent decree governing desegregation efforts in Chicago Public
Schools, we are concerned by the Tribune’s assessment that the new
post-decree plan for admissions to the…

Economy blamed for drop in Catholic school enrollment Sun Times
The number of elementary and secondary
students in the system — which
includes 255 schools in Cook and Lake counties — dropped by roughly
4.5 percent this year, or 4,158 kids, figures show.

Bond denied for man charged in murder of CPS student Sun Times
An 18-year-old convicted felon was held without bond Thursday after
being arrested in downstate Illinois and charged in the shooting death
of a 17-year-old Chicago Public Schools student last month on the South

Problems and Discontent Bedevil Chicago State NYT
Poor turnout for the opening men’s basketball game in a $38 million facility reflects larger problems at the university.

Rite of passage: teen driving Tribune
parenting is easy. Like when a teacher talks about how much
he likes your kid. Or you get a great homemade birthday card.
Sometimes, it’s hard. Like when you go into labor. Or take a sick
toddler to the emergency room. Or when you teach your teenager how to

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  • Melissa Harris

  • Didn't Boston Consulting Group get a bucket of cash for developing the stat/econ model on which the whole anti-violence plan is based?

    So what's this about:
    from the Trib-- "Build a statistical model to identify at-risk, elementary-age youth before they get arrested. Let's face it, for some high-schoolers the help comes too little, too late. Huberman knows he's got to grab them earlier, but how does anyone know who -- among the hundreds of thousands of students -- needs help? He needs economists and statisticians to tell him."

  • One more thing. Huberman needs to go to corporations because the foundations (notably the Chi Comm Trust) are refusing to give more cash to CPS until CPS becomes fiscally responsible.

  • Corporations just blew $72 million on a trumped up crash and burn olympics bid. No corp will give $ now to CPS. No trust, no fiscal responsibility at CPS, no business OR education brains either.

  • I've heard the same thing that SPAlex posted about area foundations. There's great antipathy between the philanthropies and the CPS external relations department. CPS has been sitting on foundation funds that were to be distributed to contractors. Often for a year or more. The Central Office longtimers have really messed things up. Lumpkin will have to call in BIG favors to get the funds flowing toward CPS again (and several foundations don't want to annoy her).

  • Teen, gay, black in Boystown. Interesting. (No overt education angle.)

    Young men find refuge but unnerve some neighborhood residents
    by Dawn Turner Trice

    November 30, 2009,0,6401978.column

  • CPS is not to be trusted unless their is true transparency!!! No lie! CPS will grab grant money of any kind for their own purposes. If folks would talk, they would talk about grant projects stopped because money was reduced and taken for other purposes. The hiring of Scholastic and Scantron, etc and other big companies in the game is to hide Huberman and his team's ignorance. It is used to cover their butts. It now seems the optimum implementation of the Scholastic program will not be done. Instead, CPS will buy the Scholastic name and parade it while the implementation conditions will be less than viable for teachers. Clowns running the school system. When will Chicago wake up!

  • Yes, those ads inserted here by the ChicagoNow system are disturbing. Hooters now. Before, it was some super-horror movie. Can you get those ads replaced?

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