Parker Alum / Fundraisers Get Plum Obama Spots

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Francis W. Parker School alumnus Charlie Rivkin has been named ambassador to France and Spain.  A 1980 graduate of the somewhat self-righteous Lincoln Park prep school (of which I also am an alum), Rivkin was one of the biggest contributors to the Obama campaign during the 2008 cycle.  It’s not a coincidence. Career diplomats and others are complaining that the Obama administration is giving plum posts to fundraisers in higher numbers than previous administrations (USA Today).  Charlie’s brother Bob, another Parker alum, has been named top legal eagle at Transportation.


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  • While Obama has quite a hole to dig out of from the Bush years and I voted for him, some have questioned some of this choices for important offices. Look at no nothing Arne Duncan and the bunch of neo -on grifters. Obama should have selected Linda Darling-Hammond. Bone head move by Obama!!! Then again, Daley chose Huberman, he doesn't know much about education!

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