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Chicago Vocational Career Academy student fatally shot outside home Tribune

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Thomas was a junior at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

Teen fatally shot in Bronzeville ABC7
Thomas died minutes later at Stroger Hospital, becoming the eighth
Chicago Public Schools student to die by violence so far this school

Teachers, also on the front lines of violence, grope for answers Medill
This is the reality that many teachers in Chicago Public Schools fear every day.

A lot of buck passing, but no paychecks Sun Times Mary Mitchell
Youth workers get the shaft amid finger-pointing foul-up.

Parents, Activists Say Renaissance 2010 Exacerbates Youth Violence WBEZ
Parents, activists and some former CPS students are saying that

school officials ignored their warnings that school closings would cause increased violence.

Report Questions Duncan’s Policy of Closing Failing Schools NYT
Secretary Arne Duncan closed dozens of schools when he headed Chicago’s
public school system, but most students saw little benefit, a study

Fenger student charged with concealing a homicide Sun Times
Fenger High School student has been charged as an adult early Wednesday
with concealment of a homicide in the shooting of a man nearly two
years ago on the Far South Side, police said.

Violence brings moms together Tribune
por la Paz welcomes any mother concerned about violence, no matter
their vantage point.
The meetings have attracted up to 20 women, but there is a core group
of 12 to 15 who attend regularly.

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  • Turnarounds have consistently shown themselves to be ineffective

  • Daley: Principal for a day?

  • I missed this. Any details or reaction? From Catalyst: "...Today, CPS officials unveiled a plan to curb violence in schools with more training. Spokeswoman Monique Bond says the administration plans to retrain security guards and school disciplinarians so that they are less punitive and act more like mentors to students.

  • Two things are happening at Hyde Park.

    1. under reporting

    2. students from closed schools are not enrolling in the school anymore.

    The reason there is a drop in violence is because the violence went up when engelwood and calumet closed so naturally over the years when the population of students settle. The trend is now for HPCA enrollment is shrinking then naturally the violence goes down. HPCA had 2000+ students during the time when we were receiving students from the two closed high schools now the enrollment is down to 1700. As more HS capacity opens in other neighborhoods the less students will be inclined to go to HPCA.

    It is like all the other hocus pocus data false and misleading.

    As the delegate at Hyde Park I have violence data that when cross-referenced with State and central office data would not show up as never filed.

    I have a funny story about HPCA when i starting reporting CLEAR MAP data i was accused of making the school look bad. My reply was that the data was public information and i was not the one committing the crimes in the school. After some more blistering emails and threats which helped the school get a full set of new surveillance cameras and motion senors: at that time we had no less than 10 burglaries/vandalism breakins in the span of 4-5 weeks(appx 1 per week). This is the same time that our principal was pushed down the bleachers during a riot after a mid-day pep rally.

    2007 2,007
    2008 2,313
    2009 1,969 I here it is even less than this now

    plus there are more details that i can not share right now but when the time comes will be made public.

    John Kugler
    Displaced Teacher

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