Horrifying Youth Violence At Richmond Homecoming

Custom_1256765404316_lAP091027041465 It didn’t take all that long for media attention to shift to yet another incident of youth violence just off campus.  This time it’s an alleged gang rape of a teenage girl in California after the school homecoming dance.

Five arrested in gang rape of teen

students involved were of different races.  Parents and students are
outraged.  School officials are struggling to explain the lack of
coordination between school security and local law enforcement.  TV
news stations and pundits are having a field day.  There may be video.

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  • meantime, CPS is ferrying altgeld kids to and from school on schoolbuses, and claiming that the few parent signups for carver show that the media and others have over-hyped the situation


    / alexander

  • i'm trying to find out how long the board is going to continue the bus service, and how the carver options were presented to parents, and what meeks and jackson think about all this.

  • there were lots of parents at the Board meeting asking for Carver.
    CPS asked them to apply for the MILITARY part and parents do not want that and many Fenger/Altgeld kids cannot get into the military school at Carver or they would have gone there in te first place! How hard and confusing did CPS make the sign-up transfer out of Fenger to Carver process? -Open Carver to the Altgeld student community and parents and student will come.
    (It is only 35% used.)
    Scott and Ron and Daley are completely resistant to this, but they will open a new school in South Chicago at Thorpe and put in more money to get that very old and creepy part of the building ready! Stop the Thorpe killing of the school and take that $$$ and put it in Carver HS as a general school. Come Michael--you have no problrm invading and throwing a charter school in a functioning neighborhood school forcing the neighborhood school to work in the SAME buliding with the new school or the charter throws the original school out. (Wadsworth and Collins come to mind.) You mean the students at Carver Military cannot work with the children of Altgeld?! You are more afraid for the students at Carver than at Fenger. That is what you are really saying.

  • a press person from rainbow push told me just now that there's no independent confirmation of the reported enrollment / interest figure and that there's no firm time commitment to busing the kids to and from altgeld gardens. they're hoping it goes until the end of the year, but haven't heard back from cps about this. / alexander

  • cps says that they're going to provide yellow schoolbus service to altgeld kids for the rest of the year, and also bus fare for fenger kids who want to go elsewhere.

    no word on how much this will cost or whether the cta subsidy will be bigger than the normal one already (still?) given to cps kids.

    is this enough? is this smoke and mirrors? did jackson and meeks and beale get what they needed?

  • Retired Principal said: Colonel Rick Mills (CAO) doesn't want the Altgeld Gardens students at Carver Military Academy!

  • and rick mills just won the oserman award for public service to chicago students. shame

  • here's a blog post from someone who did principal for a day at fenger hs -- and lived. check it out here:


  • Billy Dec? Who cares--will he donate $$ to the school? Mentor EVERY week and keep all apointments? I thought he was African American--just another white rich kid with a big ego.

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