Enough Already -- Where's The Youth Violence Plan?

It’s Friday afternoon just about dismissal time.  Prime fight time for CPS students, according to Linda Lutton, who predicts one is taking place at 35th and King right about now.  Indeed, CPS educators and longtime readers of this blog know that fights are distressingly common and frequently go unreported.  Parent Matt Farmer recently wrote that he was more likely to hear about head lice than he was about safety issues. 

ScreenHunter_58 Oct. 02 15.52.jpg

Meantime, CPS chief Ron Huberman was on WTTW the other night (Chicago Tonight) but provides precious few details about the school safety plan that he’s been talking about for weeks now.

His $30M initiative will focus on
200 kids who are at the most immediate at risk of being shot, targeting 38 schools that have the most kids.  But Huberman won’t identify the 38 schools, or let anyone examine the statistical model that was used.  There’s no timeframe for the mentorship and job opportunities that he’s talked about.  He rejects Mark Brown’s idea that the CTA could help with more direct routes and closer stops.  This makes me wonder:  Where’s the plan, and why can’t anyone see it? 


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  • I graduated from a high school that was at the intersection of two bus routes that practically dropped you off at the front door and it did nothing to stem the fights that erupted after school.

    If it happened to be a "fight day" right outside the school and you got on a bus early enough to avoid it, there was no guarantee that one wasn't going to break out further down the road.

    As Mark Brown pointed out there is also the issue of people who don't go to that school hanging out in the vicinity of the school. Then there are those students who get expelled or are suspended who leave their home to come and hang out near the school before and after classes. If you wanted to curb the violence, something has to be done to keep those people away from the schools and contributing to the problem.

  • Huberman needs to pay for his Motorola scandel now. He wil never be mayor now. There is no Olympics now. His big deal big money anti-violence package is needed now! Ronnie is so great at firing educators who know CPS, but not his own hand-picked corrupt people.
    THANK YOU Inspector Genera for going after him now. Daley is next when we tax payers find out about all that olympic money soon.

  • Huberman has no plan he is an ass. look at the report out today that shows he allowed someone to steal 2.25 million under his management. "he should be suspended if he still worked for the city."

    he is no reformer or data guru just a Daley jackass that perpetuates the patronage game and kills children with his policies.

    John Kugler
    Displaced(by Huberman)Carpentry Teacher

    Report rips Huberman's oversight of contracts
    Inspector general says 'management failure' cost city $2.25 million

    October 2, 2009

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter fspielman@suntimes.com

    Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman -- Mayor Daley's former corruption-fighting chief of staff -- is being accused of a "significant management failure" that set the stage for alleged contract irregularities at the city's 911 center that cost taxpayers $2.25 million.

    In an explosive new report, the city inspector general's office characterizes Huberman as so derelict in the oversight of a contract with Motorola while he was executive director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications that he should be suspended if he still worked for the city.

    Adrienne Hiegel, Huberman's top deputy at OEMC in 2005, was accused of "altering documents" and failing to follow the city's procurement procedures.

    If Hiegel still worked for the city -- instead of as a Huberman underling at the Board of Education -- she should be fired, the 38-page report states.

    At issue are the March 2005 signatures of Huberman and Hiegel on a voucher for 18,000 radio accessories supposedly delivered by Motorola. Only after they signed on the dotted line was the company paid the $2.25 million. It was the largest of 130 vouchers that Huberman signed during his 13-month stint at OEMC.

    In fact, no such radio accessories were ever delivered by Motorola, nor did the city need them.

    It was all a scheme -- allegedly engineered by OEMC's first deputy Jim Argiropoulos -- that culminated in the falsification of documents to expedite the purchase of a new 911 dispatch console system from Motorola.

    Chicago taxpayers have yet to receive anything for their money. The new console system that Argiropoulos portrayed after a 2004 system failure as a matter of life-and-death has yet to be delivered.

    The inspector general's report accuses Huberman of a "significant management failure to supervise" the Motorola contract.

    "The evidence does not support that Huberman knew that the paperwork submitted to the Finance Department was false," the report states. "Huberman's involvement appears to have been limited to his failure to review the details of one purchase voucher."

    Hiegel did not get off so easily. The report accuses her of directing underlings to "work backwards to get to $2.25 million -- the cost of developing the Motorola software -- by using 18,000 radio parts to add up to" the same amount.

    Hiegel could not be reached for comment. Huberman issued a prepared statement saying he was "disappointed" to learn after reading the IG report that "a few" of his OEMC underlings "failed to follow the procurement process."

    "I regret that this misconduct occurred during my tenure," he said. "My involvement was the signing of one purchase voucher. As a [public official] who has always made it a priority to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed, I should have reviewed the document in question more carefully."

    The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this week that the inspector general's report recommends Argiropoulos be fired.

    The report marks the first major detour in Huberman's meteoric rise as Daley's go-to guy -- from Chicago police officer to 911 center chief to Daley's chief of staff.

    Huberman also served as CTA president before being appointed schools CEO earlier this year to replace U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Hiegel has followed Huberman virtually every step of the way -- and Huberman was silent on her role in the contract and her future.

  • O My God

    For the first time in my life somebody quoted me.

  • oh huberman lies too.

    he stated that there were no serious incidents in or around CPS schools in the past year during the WTTW interview.

    I guess he forgot the crane student murdered on the steps of the school.

    John Kugler

    Student fatally shot near West Side school
    Friday, March 07, 2008 | 10:56 PM
    Team Coverage

    CHICAGO (WLS) -- A shooting near a high school on Chicago's West Side left one student dead Friday afternoon.

    Police say a 15-year old was also beaten with a golf club. The victim is in critical condition and underwent surgery Friday night.

    It happened in the 2200-block of West Jackson near Crane High School.

    "Today at approximately 3 o'clock, at dismissal time, officers in the vicinity responded to shots fired in the area of Crane High School. In the investigation an individual was found, a juvenile, who was shot and has since succumbed to his wounds. As a result of that, we also had another individual that was beaten with a golf club. He also is a student of Crane High School ," said James Jackson, first deputy superintendent.

    Friday, March 07, 2008 | 10:56 PM
    Team Coverage

    CHICAGO (WLS) -- A shooting near a high school on Chicago's West Side left one student dead Friday afternoon.

    Police say a 15-year old was also beaten with a golf club. The victim is in critical condition and underwent surgery Friday night.

    It happened in the 2200-block of West Jackson near Crane High School.

    "Today at approximately 3 o'clock, at dismissal time, officers in the vicinity responded to shots fired in the area of Crane High School. In the investigation an individual was found, a juvenile, who was shot and has since succumbed to his wounds. As a result of that, we also had another individual that was beaten with a golf club. He also is a student of Crane High School ," said James Jackson, first deputy superintendent.
    Story continues below

    Paramedics took two people from Crane High School to Stroger Hospital. The deceased young man has been identified by his family as 18-year-old Ruben Ivy, a sophomore at Crane High School.

    Several students told ABC7 that tension has been brewing all year long between three or four gangs inside the school. Police confirmed the situation was gang related.

    Ivy's family says he may have known gang members, but the gang members were the problem.

    "The gang bangers at his school was bothering him. He was tired of fighting. He got to defend himself. So he was fighting the whole time he was going to Crane," said sister Deven Green.

    Ivy's mother said that police told her that the gunman called her son by name just seconds before pulling the trigger and firing the fatal shot.

    "They said there was a fight at school, and they said, you know, he was just on his way to come home and one boy just walked up to him and just shot him in the chest," said Emily Green, victim's mother.

    Police are saying they have no one in custody, although a number of students tell ABC7 they know -- by name -- who pulled the trigger. Police also say they know who they are looking for - another teen.

    "We have a person of interest, and we're comfortable that, pretty soon, there is going to be a conclusion to this," said Jackson.

    Emily Green, a former Crane student herself, said she dropped out after she was shot in the foot. She also says this is the second child that she's lost. Her first son died in a car accident in 2002.

    Students say the scene was total chaos, up and down the block. One said a crowd of people, as many as 50, were fighting, includingthe use of weapons.

    "I just come out of the building. All I see, a crowd of people run up, bats and all. I was like, man, I need to get out of this jam," said student Quinton Rodgers.

    Police say there was a dispute at the school Friday morning apparently over a baseball cap. They're trying to see if that's related to the shooting and beating.

    Police are now checking out the security cameras that are in place up and down the block... And community leaders are calling for the violence to end.

    Emily Green, meanwhile, is surrounded by family, mourning her son's loss.

    "I have a lot of nieces and nephews and friends. We're going to miss him very dearly. I'm trying to be strong for the rest of my kids," she said.

    Ivy's family says he had gone to police for help. Police say they will investigate that allegation. They also emphasize that officers are assigned to the school to protect the students and would never dismiss a student's request for protection.

    Now, with Ivy's death, it's clear that students feel uneasy.

    "I stay to myself. You know what I mean. As far as being comfortable, no, not really," said student Joey Smith.

  • Dunbar HS shooting January 2009
    I guess this is not serious, near a school or this year?

    Teens in Dunbar HS shooting recovering
    January 10, 2009 1:26 PM

    At least one of the five teenagers who were wounded in a drive-by shooting outside Dunbar High School on the South Side Friday night remained hospitalized this morning, Chicago police said.

    Authorities have said the shooting was gang-related and that they don't believe any of the victims attended Dunbar.

    A young man stands on the corner of 29th and Martin Luther King Drive, across the street from Dunbar High School (background) where multiple people were shot. (Tribune / Charles Cherney)

    The gunshots rang out from a passing sport-utility vehicle about 8 p.m. as a high school basketball game was underway at the gym in Dunbar, 3000 S. Martin Luther King Dr.

    "These people drove up and fired into the crowd," Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said Friday night news conference. Officials declined to describe the vehicle they were searching for, or the assailants.

    "We've got some positive leads," Weis said. No one had been arrested as of this morning.

    Witnesses on the scene described a gory scene, with victims of the shooting on the ground bleeding, some near the school, others at a nearby bus stop. A sixth person, a girl, was injured in a fall during the melee and was taken to a hospital to be looked at.

    "The people who got shot, they were just lying on the ground," said Tierra Buile, 16, a Dunbar sophomore, who saw two male victims shot in their legs in front of the school.

    The shooting victims, all males between 15 and 18, were believed to be in stable condition, authorities said.

    Three were taken in serious-to-critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Chicago Comer's Children's Hospital and Stroger Hospital, said Eve Rodriguez, a Fire Department spokeswoman. Two others were taken in fair-to-serious condition to Mercy Hospital.

    Late Friday, police said Stoger Hospital doctors were treating a 15-year-old youth in serious but stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

    This morning, at least one of the victims remained hospitalized while the rest had been treated and released, according to police.

    "We do not believe that any of the victims were students at the school," said Monique Bond, a police spokeswoman.

    One Dunbar student described a frightening scene outside her Bronzeville neighborhood school as she saw a silver truck pull up to a bus stop at 29th Street and King Drive.

    Shaneisha Turman, 15, a freshman at Dunbar, said she was standing in the doorway of the gym when she saw the occupants of the truck pretend to shoot and then "they really started shooting."

    She said she saw two people fall wounded.

    People were shouting, "They're shooting!" Turman said. "It was a lot of people shouting and running."

    Jason Moore, 18, said the game against Hope College Prep High School was tied in double overtime when shots were heard outside. School officials immediately canceled the game.

    "We heard the bullets," Moore, who graduated from Dunbar last year, said. "We heard the shots."

    Investigators are reviewing footage from the school's surveillance system, said Chicago Public School security head Andres Durbak.

    --Kristen Kridel, Andrew L. Wang

  • Teen shot to death after leaving ballgame
    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    By Dan Ponce

    CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago teen was shot and killed Wednesday night on the way home from a high school basketball game.

    Sergio Dukes' family says the teen was about to start his first job since graduating earlier this year. Chicago police are still searching for the person who shot Dukes. The killing took place around 7:30 p.m. in the 9600-block of South Indiana.

    The 18-year-old is a recent graduate of the Chicago Public Schools district. He just finished up this past June. He comes from a huge family. One of seven siblings. They live on the South Side. Unfortunately for that family, though, the boy's killer has not been found.

    Eighteen-year-old Sergio Dukes made his family proud when he graduated early from the Community Youth Development Institute, a CPS charter school on the South Side.

    Wednesday night Dukes attended the basketball game between Harlan High School and Hyde Park. Dukes used to go to Hyde Park and had a friend playing in the game. Around 7:30, he and some friends left the game a little early. About a block east of Harlan High, he was helping his friend and her baby get into a car, when someone started shooting at him.

    The teen was hit twice in the head and once in the chest. He was pronounced dead just before 8 p.m.

    "Sergio was real helpful; he was like the house nurse and whenever anybody in the house got sick, we could count on him to take care of us," said Jacqueline Dukes, victim's mother.

    Dukes mother Jacqueline showed off the diploma her son had earned this past June. She says he was a great basketball and football player who also loved to cook.

    Police are trying to determine if Dukes was the intended target. His mother says her son had no enemies.

    "I don't know, all I know there's a lot of shooting in this city, and you really can't say if they were targeting him or if they were just randomly shooting," said Jacqueline Dukes.

    Even though she is devastated by the loss of her son, she says she doesn't wish harm to her son's killer.

    "I don't' want anything to happen to the person, because it needs to stop. I just think they need to put the guns down," said Jacqueline Dukes.

    Dukes was supposed to start his first job next week working for his family's church. Area 2 police detectives are in charge of this investigation.


  • Ebert for school reform ~

  • Correlation does not equal causation. According to what statistical theory does the ability to predict victimization have any implications for preventing perpetration?

  • This very insightful article by a retired African American principal should be required reading by Huberman and those attempting to craft a violence reduction plan.

    When Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi in 1955, the ghastly photographs of his mutilated corpse in Jet Magazine launched the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago. My sense of history tells me the video tape of the beat-down death of Fenger High School

  • Chicago is a World Class City without the Olympics! Daley needs to hire accomplished and intelligent department heads in city government and not the fourth rate non experts that he has in now! Daley is a third rate mayor. Mayor Mumbles... please retire with some grace!

  • Just Wondering---where did this article come from. it is fantastice and neds to be sent to duncan huberman and obama!
    Thank you for sharing it. Now if only one of them would do this.

  • To District299Reader
    Edward Hayes is a retired principal who comments on education issues. His blog can be found at


    Does anyone know how to share this idea with the people who are making life and death decisions about our students?

  • anti-Welfare screeds went out with welfare reform. Black women (or white, or Indian or whatever) don't just sit around the house watching the View (unless they work nights or 2nd shift). The only money that poor women get is in the form of Medicaid, food stamps, WIC and possibly, subsidized day care or housing. Cash assistance is temporary (as it was meant to be).

    And, I don't think most poor women decide not to form a relationship with an imperfect man. Most of the time they choose not to form a relationship with an ex-offender, an active criminal or an unemployable man. That's hardly irrational behavior on their part.

  • Actually that very insightful article is full of crap, as far as opinions go.

    Political regression is not something owned soley by the black community, if that were true, how did George W Bush get elected twice. If anything after seeing the repeated failures of any political accountability, and without a reason to game the system, many black people have little if any confidence in any political system and involve themselves in it less as time goes by.

    Perhaps as a highschool principal you would have come upwith a curricula that was more effective in helping with the lives they were living and not the ones imagined on television. Classes that could really help children where they are and to prepare them for where they are going to be would probably funtion a little better than European history or biology.

    If they had no idea about the economics of raising a child, then perhaps a series of home economics would have assisted them in seeing the greater cost of unprepared for children in their lives.

    When it comes to the black community, I do not believe that school administrators are generally on the side of the people or the students. They are on the side of the administration, make numbers look good and nothing else. They do not make the teacher's job easier which makes teachers less effective (and that is only for the ones that want to be effective past a payheck).

    You were a principal with a great amount of disdain for the students, especially if you did not like them and most of them you did not.

    Shut up and go away

  • have we forgotten the articles by the Trib some years ago about the Robert Taylor Homes? Something like 23,000 children there w/o fathers and men waiting in line to have a woman 'choose' them after the woman qualifies for the apartment. There are great principals out there who take the crap from central office and then do what is best for the students, principals don't choose the curriculum and neither do LSC. The top people choose it and please ask, when was the last time the persons in charge of picking thse wasteful and costly curriculums had to submit a lesson plan?

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