What Really Happened At Fenger -- And Will Anything Change?

What happened that let the situation at Fenger get so out of hand that nobody could stop it — even as the schools chief was highlighting violence prevention at the very same time?  Is anything good going to come out of this latest tragedy, or is this just Blair Holt all over again? Will the Mayor ever be held accountable for what’s going on in the streets, or rewarded (with, say, an Olympics)?

Fourth teen charged in beating death

Mothers of 2 suspects react to murder of Fenger student Tribune

Makeshift memorial for slain Fenger student turns chaotic Sun Times

After teen beaten to death, school getting more security Sun Times

Student beaten to death in Roseland WGN

Fenger High School: Fear, frustration come to campus Tribune

Author says public health can cure urban violence Northwestern Daily

Anti-violence group protests shooting of 2 college students

That’s what I want to know.  How about you?


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  • From Anonymous Reader: Everyone bends over backwards to help these savages. these people are nothing more than animals living among us. I blame the parents of these mutts for not raising them with any sense of values. Dont blame the school and the new principal. It's not the schools job to tell these kids that fighting and killing is wrong. They're just a different breed of animal that do nothing more than lower property value of every neighborhood they move into and wreak havoc on all the good citizens. It's about time that we stop trying to help the poor misunderstood black youth and face the facts that they just aren't fit to walk among the the rest of society. These animals need to be in a jail somewhere where they can be monitored at all times. They obviously lack the social skills to be a part of a community. The city gives them everything and they dump all over it. whether it's boys clubs ar baseball fields meant to keep them off the streets. These things aren't working. It's time to start sterilizing these animals like we do to stop the pet population from getting out of control.

  • I'm responding to the 1st comment made by a complete lunatic. (This same username/pw will not work AR). At any rate, this brain trust missed opportunities to re-fill Guantanamo or, in the spirit of the racists of the 50's and 60's, ship "them" back to Africa.

    The young adults who committed this crime should and will be punished. They are very sick human beings, NOT animals. I own a dog(MUTT)and a cat and they would never behave in the way these HUMANS did. What we despise in others is also within ourselves. You might want to be more concerned about that than your property value.

    As far as your judgement about the "fitness" of anyone you deem an animal to walk among "the rest of society", look in the mirror. I don't think I need to even address the issue of sterilization. But you might want to consider it.

  • Obviously a tea bagger or a birther. Pathetic..

  • SHAME on Don Frymd! And shame on Ron for keeping him. There is blood on both their hands with Don's turnaround mess he has created. He took a principal and teachers that were making inroads with the students and ganmgbangers there, they helped these lost teens underrstand PEACE, AFTER CPS and ARNE closed out Carver Military Academy on these students and sent them to Fenger. Now it has all spilled into the street--yes, blame the lack of parenting--but Don's turnaround strategy caused this mess and he should resign. As a failed principal at Jones, he should have NEVER been promoted to this position. More jailed or killed for him equals higher test scores and attendance in the future--but not now you idiot, since the students of Fenger are AFRAID to go to school because of you and your policy and your ideas against African Americans. You do not belong there because you are out of your league there.

  • sick.to.my.stomach.

    per tribune: "...a $30 million safety plan rolled out by Huberman this month." i'd just like to know where this money is coming from (given all our budget constraints) and how exactly it's being distributed.

  • Perception

    I hope those of us who teach in CPS ,especially general high schools,
    do not look at that first post through normal eyes. Most of us have a long
    list of murdered students burned into our psyche. The difference
    is that this time it was caught on film. The reaction of that first poster
    to the horrible video is probably the gut reaction of a whole lot of
    people. I feel that rant is a simplistic attempt to describe the actions of a few
    criminals. Or a way to vent suppressed hatred.

    Those of us who know the true nature of our kids realize that. But from
    What I have read the School Administration should have taken action
    earlier in the day to defuse the situation. If a kid really did shoot into
    school from a bicycle that morning it would have sent those of us with
    experience, and a little common sense, into crisis mode immediately.
    I hope those in power at that school completely informed the police
    about the volatile situation developing. If they didn

  • http://www.substancenews.net/articles.php?page=910§ion=Article
    Worth the read--here is the history of the bloodshed ARNE started and Ron continues--oops, Arne is in Denmark trying to get the Olympics. The IOC cannot be that stupid to give this to killing and violent Chicago!

  • Dear Ron: Why does SUBSTANCE know more than you do about Fenger NOW and many months ago? You ignored the pleas of the hearing. Did you even read the report? Lets see you take real action. Fraynd should be fired and you know it! Exteme poor performance by Frynd has and will have NO street cred at Fenger--ever.

  • good question about what the deal is with fraynd -- why he's still there and edelman is gone.

    good article in substance, too, recapping the closures of the high schools in the area -- but it's too easy to blame it all on Ren10, a convenient scapegoat.

    what about more immediate aspects of the situation -- fenger administration, fenger security, plus local police not hearing about this or realizing what was coming?

    things like this don't come out of nowhere, and i struggle to see how this one wasn't seen coming a mile away.

    even if you can't solve the large scale problems like segregation and poverty you'd think that chicago could head off a conflagration in the making like everyone says was bubbling up in roseland.

  • Unfortunately it is as simple as people say. Arne and Fraynd were are are clueless. They have consistently developed these special high schools and the general high schools have become the dumping grouund. They never understood the problems with gang turf and they never put the additional resources into the general high schools that could have made a significant difference.
    And, of course, the high school test scores over time have not improved and, in fact, have declined.
    Significantly stupid decisions were consistently made by people with limited or no knowledge of public high schools. This is a travesty.
    Fenger's dilemma is directly the result of the Altgeld Gardens students who could not get into the Military Academy and were just sent off to Fenger.
    So, Alexander, it is as simple as that.

  • Great questions Alexander. (Seperate from Ren10) Please remember that Fenger lost an involved, active, respected and available-to-students principal that Frynd said could stay, and then threw this professional and talented Black man out when school started--sent him packing to close Best Practice. (A double corss) Frynd only kept about 10 former Fenger teachers and got rid of the rest who knew and cared for the students and had student respect! No observations were done by him of these teachers, no observations of the repore with and understanding of Fenger students. Just kicked them out without a thought to the impact on the Fenger school, the students AND the community. Then, he brings in his unprepared friends and teachers who have no idea how to deal with or respect inner-city black youth. He is completely unprepared here. (Jones College Prep is a country away from Fenger.) And his plan to send 'undesireable' Fenger students to Morgan Park and Julian High Schools fell apart--(The principals there are not 'dumb' as the newer Robison principal is who took all those Frynd rejects from Harper last year.) Frynd knew he would not be able to send wanting to kick-out Fenger students to exclusive Englewood, Calumet or Carver Military. Frynd claims to be about social justice, but he would have kicked out these students in a minute, he refused to listen to the community or the teachers, because Frynd is about Frynd and he has played a life losing game at Fenger. Frynd dreams of bigger titles and bigger pay and has an ego that supports this. He therefor does NOT belong at Fenger.
    Fenger does need help past and now--but Fenger does not need him-Frynd has an is making is worse at Fenger.

  • There used to be at Fenger HS: woodshop, drafting, metalshop, autoshop (that had a waiting list of students), computer, bookkeeping/accounting and other on-th-job training careers.
    The shops are all closed. These programs are all gone.
    Every Fenger student can only be in a prepare-for-college program because they will all enter and graduate from college.
    Thank you Arne. You are much appreciatd in the Fenger Community.

  • There is this scene...the IOC is preparing to amnnounce the 'winner' of the 2016 games and Daley and his minions are sitting, drooling and chomping at the bit... The huge screens surrounding all, throughout the auditorium, suddenly turn on with much fanfare, only to show the video killing of the Fenger HS student over and over, a la Minority Report, for all the hot-n-tots to see, THAT would be STREET JUSTICE.

  • You poor black people in chicago are crazy. These innocent kids are getting killed and you black people are not doing anything. WTF??? I know it's hard to move when you are in poverish, but damn-- I did it. You descent black citizens need to get your kids and get the hell out of there...quick. Let those damn ignorant animals that want to kill, kill themselves...damnnnn monkeys running wild. White people need to move in, and I bet you these apes will not get away with trying that with them. I blame these stupid azz single mothers for not being a good role model to these g-- da-- bastards. Don't snitch my arse. I would snitch all day long and would want them to come look for me, so I could have a reason. GD animals.

  • What I saw in that video was horrific. The kids in the uniforms were being bullied by these ugly..greasy --probably dropouts from off the street. I know this type of behavior, because I seen it and went through it myself when I was that age in NJ (and I'm a girl). Had to protect my little brother all the time from savages like these...and trust, these bastards will have their day. That president obama and his friggin olympic..WTF. He's from chicago, you would think that him or his wife would have something to say...i'm so turned off by them right now, that I will not vote for him anymore. He's just a puppet and nothing more to me. We have a war going on over here in the US-- and we need to send our comrads to city's around this country that have a high crime rate.

  • Why do these charters/turnarounds get away with the "choice" argument? They all (or nearly all -- ACE is an exception) provide college prep only, and normally are test-driven robots.
    It is a share that AUSL destroyed Fenger's vocational programs. They wiped out CVCA's voc programs too this week.
    CPS is clueless.
    I wish Edelman had taken Fraynd with him, wherever he is.

  • gilligan's last memento to his fellow voc ed teachers was the destruction of the vocational programs in all the general high schools. the union green lighted the destruction of the vocational programs without a whimper.

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