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Chicago officials begin work on new admissions process Catalyst

Race will not be used as a factor in this
year’s admissions process for magnet and selective schools, meaning
that parents will be applying without knowing what criteria will be used..

Bolingbrook teen charged in SW Side fatal shooting Sun Times

15-year-old boy was charged as an adult in the gang-related murder of
another teen Saturday afternoon in the Southwest Side’s Brighton Park
neighborhood, police said.

To Pension or Not to Pension…Then What? WBEZ

We talk with some of the players and advocates in the fight for government pension reform.

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  • Utilizing census info to determine admissions is nothing other than shear laziness on CPS' part. Why not have parents provide income info? We have to do it if we apply for a child care subsidy and numerous benefits program, why not CPS? I don't recall what the Supreme Court said about using race plus other factors--but that would seem the best route to go if possible. Or how about looking at parents educational level? Come on CPS--this is one of the laziest efforts I've witnessed in a system that routinely puts bureaucratic expediency over the best interest of children.

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