Picking A Good Blog Name


Many people — Karen L., Annie S., Julie W., George, Xian, Lou P.,
Brian B., Rod, Kugler, Victor H. — have commented on this site in the past using their real

But there’s also a long tradition of made-up or partial-name blog names.  Some of the most memorable include yellowdart, Retired Principal, catbus, rodentface, 1.04, maritza,
retiredtoo, Marricat, Wendy, Chris, Danny, cps mom, cermak_rd, and cklaus.  (Who am I forgetting?)

So if you haven’t done so already you might consider picking a good blog
name for your comments.  Remember that the email address you use will not be displayed publicly, and you don’t ever have to give your real name. If you’re still worried about privacy, click below for more ideas.
A really easy way to set things up so that you’re not identifiable is to sign up for an email that’s not work- or name-related.  Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo all let you set up free emails.  Then, you can use your new email plus your preferred blog name to get things started.

Another way to establish a username without providing either your real name or an email that’s associated with you is to create a profile using a made-up username and register using the district299reader/district299 sign-in options. 

See this example:

ScreenHunter_46 Sep. 30 20.22.jpg

The email verification will come to me, and I’ll approve it.  But you’ll have to go in and change the password to something else:

ScreenHunter_47 Sep. 30 20.50.jpg

Otherwise, anyone can get into your account and use your name or lock you out. 

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  • Annie Sullivan, too.

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  • Retired Principal, I will use my nickname only inside of my response!

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