One Parent's School Bus Woes In Brighton Park


A Brighton Park parent wrote in to me about what seems like a wasteful and disorganized situation regarding coordination of bus schedules between CPS and the Park District.

For some reason, the two agencies can’t seem to get their act together.  Check it out, and tell us if you’ve had any similar situations — or know of a good solution.
The letter:

Hi Alexander,

 I have one question,have you ever wrote an article about student
transportation in Chicago, with the BOARD OF EDUCATION. Well, the
parents whose children participant in THE PARK KIDS program with the
PARK DISTRICT can’t get bus service unitl OCTOBER or NOVEMBER. we pay
for this prgram in AUGUST. But , the BOARD can’t the bus schedules
together. They told us that regular bus students comes first.

What does
the BOARD do all summer to where they can’t get all the bus students on
the busses on first day of school? I think that all bus assignments
shold be done in the summer.

So, I have now paid $112 to the PARK DISTRICT here in CHICAGO. And also
apying $150 a week for someone else to pick my son up from school and
take him the GAGE PARK park district.

Many parents who have paid for
this program really should et thir money back because their kids aren’t
even going. It’s like a waste of money.


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  • This has been very annoying, I've gone through this now 5 years in a row and always the same thing, it is a Board decision. I guess since Scott can get away with doing nothing and insisting that his hands are tied, so goes the staff.

  • If anyone can figure this one out, they will be considered a genius in my book.

  • Well, I got denied transportation to the park district at gGae Park. I called transportation and they said that because my son is not on a ambus so he gets no bus for pm. Also, why do the Board keep talking about CHILD SAFELY. They will not provide bus service. We paid for this program in August. And the Park is with in guidelines 1.1 miles and 10 city blocks. $112 dollars has now went down the drain, and they just don't care about helping families.

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