More Fenger Coverage -- Not Much New Info


Prosecutor: Fenger teen threw ‘knockout punch’ Tribune

Earlier today, Fenger showed some signs of returning to normal this
morning as students quietly trickled into classes — and police cars
patrolled the block.

Six teen homicide victims in four days in Chicago Tribune

RedEye looks at teenage murder victims this month.

Report: Fire city public safety exec Sun Times

The alleged irregularities took place in 2004 and 2005 while Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman was running OEMC.

Four arrests in murder of Fenger High School student Substance

the closing of Carver, Calumet and Englewood as general high schools,
the remaining students from those schools went to
other south side high schools, with the majority of those from Altgeld
Gardens going to Fenger.


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  • When Derrion informed the principal at Fenger that he was afraid to go home, it is reported that he was told he had to leave the building. Had there been someone there with a relationship with him, some compassion for him, or even some experience dealing with students like him, he may be alive today. I don't see how Frynd, Huberman or Daley sleep at night. Make no mistake, they are responsible for creating the circumstances that have caused the death of Derrion Albert.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Wow... This is amazing. This actually happened? Why has the press not reported this?
    When passing out the blame, do not leave Arne Duncan out. He was the brains behind this whole high school mess. But I totally agree, Frynd, Huberman, Daley, all need to take responsibility. There are consequences to our decisions.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Things work in mysterious ways! As a former Fenger teacher I can attest to the many great employees that were on staff who formed relationships with students and were a support base to them. Turn around would have you believe that the "Teachers" were the problem. Now after three weeks of fighting we all see the problem lies with negative incentive. I'm glad to know that I wasn't good enough for them. I'm very sorry for the families who have been hurt by this tragic event. I'm glad that I have moved on to a supportive environment. Past staff wasn't the problem quality administrators, teachers, as well as career service persons made Fenger work. Now you have a wide array of ROOKIES that do not know the students nor serve as a support system to them. GOOD JOB TURN AROUND TEAM!!!!!!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Please remember that Fenger lost an involved, active, respected and available-to-students principal that Frynd said could stay, and then threw this professional and talented Black man out when school started--sent him packing. (A double corss) Frynd only kept about 10 former Fenger teachers and got rid of the rest who knew and cared for the students and they had student respect! No observations were done by him of these teachers, no observations of the repore with and understanding of Fenger students. Just kicked them out without a thought to the impact on the Fenger school, on the students AND on the community. He brought in his unprepared friends and teachers who have no idea how to deal with or respect inner-city black youth. He is completely unprepared here. (Jones College Prep is a country away from Fenger and Frynd wa kicked out of Jones!) And his plan to send 'undesireable' Fenger students to Morgan Park and Julian High Schools fell apart--(The principals there are not 'dumb' as the newer Robison principal was who took all those Frynd student rejects from Harper last year.) Frynd knew he would not be able to send his wanting to kick-out Fenger students to exclusive Englewood, Calumet or Carver Military. Frynd claims to be about social justice, but he would have kicked out these students in a minute and he refused to listen to the community or the teachers. Frynd is about Frynd and he has played a life losing game at Fenger. Frynd dreams of bigger titles (like BEW's job) and bigger pay and has an ego that supports this. He therefor does NOT belong at Fenger.
    Frynd is making it worse at Fenger.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Retired Principal: What is the name of the new principal at Fenger?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Elizabeth Dozier is the new princial at fenger.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Ms. Bond; You are nothing but a mouthpiece.
    "It can't be equated to the fact that the school, which is a turnaround, has a new cadre of school staff," spokeswoman Monique Bond said. How wrong you are.
    How little you know. How little you even understand.

  • Where is the administration?It seems during a crisis is the time the "Principal"of a school would step up with a statement as to the well being of the institution.Who exactly is the "Principal"?And why is this person wilting under the pressure and not addressing this crisis?

  • This fiasco probably has marked the end to the Chicago turn around movement.It seems that nothing good has come of this incentive, except Donald Fraynd has been able to experiment at children's expense.Is there anyone in the building who can comment on how turn around is coming? From what I've heard through those in the building the "Principle" is DUMB and "Donald Fraynd" is DUMBER"!!!

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