Fixing The Comments Features On D299

Dislike for the original comments system put in on this site last week was pretty much universal — apologies to all — so after a few days of complaining from all of us the folks at ChicagoNow have changed it back to something closer to what everyone wants. 

The new system shows the number of comments for each post, and it will also show recent comments in the right margin below the ad.  Readers who want to comment without giving any identifying information can provide district299reader as a generic username.  (The password is district299.)  Like so:

ScreenHunter_42 Sep. 29 18.26.jpg
Or, use whatever name and email you prefer.  Your email is only used to prove you’re not a spambot — it’s not displayed to the public (or even to me).  So you could create a profile with a pseudonym (West Side Parent) and an email, and appear as West Side Parent.  
If you’ve already written comments during the last few days, thanks!  It will take me a few hours to copy them over, but they’ll be there by tomorrow AM at the latest.   Thanks for your patience.  I think this is going to work much better.  


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  • testing, this thing on?

  • testing, one two, testing... one two.

  • Works on Internet Explorer...

  • Works on Google Chrome...

  • Sorry -- Works on Google Chrome

  • Works on Flock (getting pretty obscure now)

  • If we all have the same name, district299reader, won't that be terribly confusing?

  • Good question. But the username is just to get you through the door anonymously. After that (in the comment), you can identify yourself whatever way you want -- by first name, initials, etc.

    Or, create your own pseudonymous profile -- your nickname plus a valid email (to prove you're not a spambot). The email never shows, just your username and whatever information you choose to share. (Click on District299Reader or Alexander Russo to see what I mean.)

  • testing this out - good change.

  • Working ok on Safari. It took a few tries to get signed up, but hopefully it will go smoothly now. I still find the new format a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure I'll adjust. This is definitely better than yesterday.

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