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Daley makes light of CPS admissions investigation CST
telling reporters that Ron Huberman was “on top of that,” Daley said he
welcomed the need for an investigation. It shows there’s been a sea
change in how parents perceive the public schools, he said.

Daley finds bright spot in magnet school probe Tribune

mayor said he did not think the investigation would turn up evidence
that parents used clout. “I haven’t heard anything like that, no,”
Daley said.

The City Desk  CTDN

$5 million grant from federal stimulus funds will let CPS partner with
several colleges in the city to come up with better math and science
classes for high schoolers.

CPS to develop advanced science, math courses Tribune

Public Schools will use $5 million in economic stimulus funding to
partner with five local universities in an effort to offer enhanced
high school math and sciences classes.
CPS on Tuesday announced the project, which includes University of…

Mentoring to a new beat Catalyst

Digital Youth Network instructors take a brotherly role in teaching digital skills and media literacy.

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