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Tuesday Morning Education News

Ill. spent less than US average per pupil in ’07 Chicago Defender   Public schools in Illinois spent $9,555 per pupil in 2007, slightly below the national average. Retail Staggers Back to School WBEZBusiness contributor David Greising updates us on the health of the retail industry as the back-to-school shopping season approaches.  Teen wounded in... Read more »

New York Times Covers Chicago Charter Teachers

Today’s New York Times has a cover story about unionization and charter schools (As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect)– plus a picture of Chicago’s own Joyce Pae, one of the teachers involved in the effort to unionize CICS. Check it out for a national look at this small but interesting phenomenon, and for the... Read more »

Leaving Edison: One Parent's Decision [edited]

Comments and emails keep pouring in about parents desperate to figure out a public school option for their children, only to have to go with private schools or a backup plan.  Read below for one parent’s story about what happened to her daughter at Edison, and keep writing in with your experiences and questions about... Read more »

Monday Morning Education News

Not much new news, but lots of issues bubbling below the surface. Chicago Turn Around Schools Get Plug from Washington WBEZ President Obama wants states to compete for billions in school reform dollars. He explained today that states can win funding if they meet several criteria, including their willingness to “turn around” failing schools. Long-standing... Read more »

Secret School Job Fair Update

I loved Steve Rhodes’ line last week  — “absurd rumors about CPS doings are as likely to be true as not.”  He was talking about the job fair that was closed, then opened, to regular CPS teachers.  Did anyone go?  Did anyone get a job?  Tell us how it all went down.

Kids, Gardens, Education, Nutrition

Nice article about the Comer Youth Center in Edible Chicago.  Check it out.  School gardens are increasingly popular around the country.  Comer seems to take the education-gardening-nutrition thing even deeper.  Edible Chicago001.pdf

Chicago Schools Star In DC Reform Event

The President and the Secretary rolled out the new draft regulations for a so-called “race to the top” fund today. It’s not clear whether llinois is in the running, given it’s funding inequity problem.  But it did raise its charter cap, which is considered helpful. The event included remarks from Jarvis Sanford from AUSL, which... Read more »

Friday Morning Education News

CPS job fair was running below radar Sun Times The 2,000 invited to the “invitation-only” fair had included rookie teachers from Teach for America and the Chicago Teaching Fellows, as well as CPS teachers who lost their jobs because of declining enrollment, school consolidations or closings, or budget cuts, Bond said. Parents Weigh In on... Read more »

Consultant Alleges SW Side School Shakedown

Thanks to a reader for passing along this video segment from CBS2, in which special education trainer Phyllis Porter alleges that Area 16 AIO (or whatever they’re called now) Karen Saffold demanded a $10,000 bribe in exchange for keeping her contracts — an allegation that Saffold denies and the IG reportedly refused to take up... Read more »

Clout Admissions Nothing New For CPS [upd]

I can’t convert the TIF into a PDF — help me out if you can — but here’s the photocopied cover of Marj Halperin’s 1988 Chicago Magazine story, “The Lottery,” which a reader was kind enough to mention in comments.  “The odds are against your child’s getting into a magnet school.But there are ways to... Read more »