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Friday Morning Education News

Chicago Public Schools fear state cuts will cost it $84 million Chicago Public Schools officials said Thursday that because of budget shortfalls, they could be forced to back away from promises not to cut classrooms and educational programs in the coming school year. Turnaround schools keep most students  Catalyst Because of that year-long closure, it... Read more »

CPS Not The Only District Favoring The Young

Chicago’s veteran teachers aren’t the only ones feeling like districts might be choosing rookie recruits over displaced veterans. According to this USA Today story (Elite corps or costing older teachers jobs?):  “In Boston, TFA corps members replaced 20 pink-slipped teachers, says Boston Teachers Union President Richard Stutman…In March, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., schools Superintendent Peter Gorman told... Read more »

Thursday Morning Education News

Coming soon: Way more charter schools CTDN “We do agree with some of the things in there, we don’t agree with everything, and so we agreed to be neutral, we agreed not to oppose the bill,” says Traci Cobb-Evans, who handles legislative issues for CTU. Illinois school cafeterias to get $3.6M in grantsExaminer State officials... Read more »

Furlough Follies

I’ve got a call into the communications office for more answers but here’s what little’s been reported so far: Mayor Richard Daley seeks to expand unpaid days offThe boards of Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Transit Authority, City Colleges of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Housing Authority and the Public Building Commission will... Read more »

A CPS Furlough Letter From Huberman

I never got a response from CPS but thanks to a reader for passing along this note that explains the budget situation and the furlough schedule. PDF In essence, Huberman is telling people to take six holidays as unpaid days rather than paid.  But they weren’t going to be there anyway, so it’s not like they... Read more »

Death On A Crowded Bus

Think you know and have seen everything related to the murder of Julian High School student Blair Holt?  Think again.  Here’s the full video — silent, and without any apparent gore — of what happened on that bus that day, from multiple camera angles (from the rear of the bus, from the front looking back):... Read more »

Wednesday Morning Education News

Daley makes light of CPS admissions investigation CSTAfter telling reporters that Ron Huberman was “on top of that,” Daley said he welcomed the need for an investigation. It shows there’s been a sea change in how parents perceive the public schools, he said. Daley finds bright spot in magnet school probe Tribune The mayor said... Read more »

School Clout "A Good Thing," Says Mayor

“Thank God people are trying to get in,” Mayor Daley said at an unrelated news conference Tuesday. “It’s a good thing.”   Oh yeah, and furloughs are coming.

AKAs Too Powerful In Chicago Schools?

I don’t want to make any overly broad generalizations but there are at least some folks in Chicago who see arrogance and elitism from the members of sororities like AKA who work in the Chicago Public Schools — many of whom are in positions of power and authority.  These comments come in light of the... Read more »

Closing Up Shop

CHA is closing down LeClaire Courts on the SW side, just as many other projects in Chicago are being closed.        That means that the HeadStart program may be closing, too, and losing Rosie Eubanks, who’s worked there  for 20 years.  There, as at many centers and schools located near projects, there just aren’t enough... Read more »