CPS Not The Only District Favoring The Young

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Chicago’s veteran teachers aren’t the only ones feeling like districts might be choosing rookie recruits over displaced veterans.

According to this USA Today story (Elite corps or costing older teachers jobs?)

“In Boston, TFA corps members replaced 20 pink-slipped teachers, says Boston Teachers Union President Richard Stutman…In March, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., schools Superintendent Peter Gorman told board members he was laying off hundreds of teachers but sparing 100 TFAers because the district “made a commitment to this program.”

Meanwhile, the CPS jobs fair that initially didn’t include veteran teachers is taking place this afternoon.


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  • Let's keep it real!...Veteran teachers are fed up with the bullsh** and are leaving in groves and new teachers are naive about the unfortunate issues of discipline and unnecessary papework that's involved in teaching....Whether you're new and/or a veteran, it's a war zone out there!...."To Sir With Love" was only a movie!...Peace

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